Say you’re a business person with many years experience, or perhaps an MBA, and you’re thinking, what does astrology have to do with me?  You think, I’ve been fairly successful to date without any of this; if I invested my time and money, what value would astrology add to my success? 

First of all, by working with astrology you’re in good company.  People have been using astrology since the 3rd millennium B.C., by some accounts.  Pharaohs, kings, popes, presidents (Ronald Reagan is a well-known example), founding fathers have all consulted astrologers to help them guide the timing of their endeavors.  When President Obama recently praised people of the Middle East for the various arts and sciences that have emerged through them, such as algebra, navigation, printing, and poetry, he was referring in part to Al Khwarizmi, the father of algebra and algorithm, a Persian who was also an astrologer.  Galileo, Copernicus, and Isaac Newton were astrologers.   

I’m suggesting you take an empirical approach, test, experiment, and see if the return on your investment is worth the time and money.  Look at it like this:  there are fundamental events in our lives that no one questions, like the seasons which are due to the orbit of the earth around the sun and the tilt of the earth on its axis.  You wouldn’t plant your garden in the late fall as you know that would not be a successful investment of your energy.  You would wait until spring, when the natural cycle that leads to growth and harvest has begun.  Day and night are also planet-based cycles and we are all biorhythmically connected to these cycles.  

No one doubts the effect of day and night on human affairs.  You may say this is just science, but can you honestly say you experience no difference internally between dawn and dusk?  These are the same principles astrology is based upon, that there is a time and season for all endeavors, and further, that it is possible to attune our lives to these cycles so we can be sure we’re not coming when we should be going. 

I live by the sea, where the daily tides have become a part of my life.  If I want to swim, I go out just before low tide when there are safe pools for swimming.  If I want to fish, I go out at high tide, when the fish have been rushed in by the currents and the water is deep.  A good walk can be had at any tide although the route has to change, and a wedding or a picnic can combine tides and time of day for the ideal event (as I just experienced when my son got married on the beach).  

This is astrology.  Not just the science of what celestial body is where, but the effect of celestial movements on our lives.  We can choose to learn these cycles and work with them through the use of astrology. 

As businesspeople we understand cycles in our bones:  economic cycles, investment cycles, seasons when we can expect solid revenue, like tax season for tax preparers, or summer for the ice cream shop.  You may even have noticed the effect of full moons on your business, as customers and employees tend to be “loonier” on those days.  Think about other cycles that affect your business and note them in the comments section below.  We can share examples as we start to contemplate the effects of cycles on our businesses and how these tie to the cycles to astrology.