One of the most valuable insights offered by astrology is the tracking and timing of trends.  Whether you are already established in business or just starting out, or beginning to look around for inspiration, understanding the trends in the marketplace is a key to success.   

People were so surprised at the fall of the real estate industry, the investment banking system, the auto industry.  Not astrologers.  There was a period of excess dominating the economy (Pluto in Sagittarius) and the timing of the move to economic conservatism caused by revelations of what had been hidden (Pluto in Capricorn) was clear.  (Pluto moved into Capricorn in January 2008.)  This new era is a time of concrete expectations and practical climbing step-by-step to success, rather than the exuberant leap based on hopes and optimism which was rampant in the prior period.

We all are experiencing this return to economic conservatism and the extent we can capture this spirit in our products and the management of our businesses is the extent that we will be lined up with the tides of the time.  And this is an extended period of time, until the mid 2020s.  What are some of the essential aspects of this period?

·         Real estate will become a good investment again, in the way it used to be:  a solid, slow-growing asset that is the largest piece of most people’s financial wealth.  A dependable, if illiquid investment.

·         Conservation of the earth’s resources will be a major focus.

·         Consolidation of power structures, perhaps merging of economies based on physical proximity, similar to the EU model.

·         Destruction of many of the large business conglomerates to be replaced by similar reconstructed conglomerates.  The actual new business model will wait until the next cycle (when Pluto enters Aquarius).

·         And yet, more and more people will go into business for themselves.

·         Dominance of markets by a few conglomerates will continue, and a social and political climate of dominance and striving to be on top will be apparent.  (Sorry to my readers who hope for change in this arena soon.  I’m afraid we’ve got some years to go before it is vogue to be your brother’s keeper.)

·         Body-based therapies will replace psychological and spiritual therapies.

·         People will be looking for new traditions and ceremonies to build into their lives.

·         A very strong materialism will be apparent, with a focus on the old-fashioned and traditional, such as antiques, conventional homes.

·         Even liberals will be conservative.

·         Long-term planning will be more fruitful than ever, and patient, persistent effort will pay off in time.

·         Services for the elderly will be more required as the baby-boomers start to get into retirement age.

·         Elderly people will be working productively well into their later years, by choice or not!

·         Long-term financial security will be a focus for almost everybody.

·         Credit will be harder to get and more collateral will be required.

·         Dressing for success will gain even more ground.

·         Consumers will be risk-adverse and will respond well to money-back guarantees, warranties, and service commitments.

·         Plans to pass the business to the next generation will be important.


This is a partial list only.  As more comes to mind, I’ll be sure to let you know.  And there are other shorter-term trends that we will examine in coming days.  If you review the list again, you may get ideas of how to transition your business to the new climate.