Let’s look at this issue of believing in astrology.  People often say, oh, I don’t believe in astrology, or they ask, do you believe in astrology?       

Do you have to believe in astrology to use it in your business?  There is a famous quote which is stated at the beginning of my first ephemeris (a table listing the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets over a given period of time), as follows:  when comet-discoverer Halley questioned the basis of Astrology to Sir Isaac Newton, ca. 1680, Isaac Newton replied, “Sir, I have studied it, you have not!

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines to believe as “to have confidence in the truth, value, or existence of something”.  I don’t think many people start out with belief in Astrology.  Confidence in its truth, value, or existence grows as they study and use it.

When I began studying Astrology, I took it up as a hobby to give my active mind something productive to think about.  Astrology was fascinating, revelatory, full of mythology and psychology, the natural world and its cycles, and deeply satisfying as a subject.

 I began interpreting charts for people and writing a newsletter.  I soon wrote a column for the local paper, a weekly sun sign column, in which I tried to get to the heart of the messages and be of service to people in everyday life.  

I began to believe in astrology when people I did not know approached me to tell me how accurate my column was for them, and how much they appreciated my advice.  For the next many years I have immersed myself in my study, learning from many great astrologers.  I also taught astrology and began using it for business clients.

I could see that Astrology had real value in people’s lives.  The elegant connections, the synchronicities, the astounding timing accuracies, were nothing compared to the sense of relief my clients had when they began to experience the confidence that comes from trusting in the power of cycles in their business life.  And from that confidence came real success, including inspiration, innovation, and profits.

In this way I came to have confidence in the value of astrology, which as the Dictionary says is a definition of believe.  My belief came after my study, after my observation, and after collecting real evidence from my own business and my clients’ businesses.