A very successful client of mine, we’ll call her Jane, is trying to make a career decision.  Although she is relatively happy with her current position as CEO of a subsidiary of a publically held corporation, she has become concerned about her job security.  Jane is looking for some permanency in her life and she feels she may be “on the bubble”.  Jane told me the parent corporation has been in the news lately for some quality problems which has the corporate office scrambling for scapegoats, and accidents and problems with regulatory agencies have begun to tarnish its reputation. 

In the midst of this, a recruiter called Jane with an offer to interview for a comparable position with the competition.  This competitor is an older, more established company.  Jane had heard that there are fewer opportunities for big career moves with this company but it has a solid reputation for stable, conservative actions and long-term steady growth.

How can astrology help with this decision?  First we can study Jane’s chart to examine this feeling of impending doom and whether there is any indication that the trepidation she feels inside might be foretelling an actual separation.  Then we can compile the charts for both companies and see what the major dynamics are and how each will fare in the upcoming months. 

Compiling an astrological chart for a publicly held U.S.A. company is fairly easy.  The date of incorporation is a matter of public information and can be found readily on the internet.  The date of incorporation is like the birth date in a person’s chart.  You can read a great deal about the opportunities and challenges the company will face based on the incorporation date.

A quick look at Jane’s chart easily revealed the sense of tension and imminent threat she was feeling.  We’ve talked about Pluto in Capricorn at length in the last few posts.  This powerhouse of energy is passing over one of the most sensitive points in Jane’s chart, her ascendant.  The ascendant is a major gate through which we relate to the world and with a key transit like the one Jane’s having, we’re sure to see changes in how she presents herself, her day to day life, and how people perceive her.  Change, in a big way, is coming into Jane’s life and transformation will be the result.

Jane is ready to step into her power.  Her rebirth may be tough and it will probably be dramatic. As we talked over the situation, the question became, which company was more likely to allow her to claim the sense of power she will be experiencing.  We agreed to look at the two charts, compare them to Jane’s, and see what more was revealed.  More on Jane’s story in the next post…