Hello, all.  If you missed the last post about Jane, http://astro4business.com/2009/07/06/jump-ship/ take a look at it before this one.  For those up to date, let’s continue our saga.

You remember that Jane has to decide whether to stay in a tenuous position with her current company, ABC, Inc., or jump ship and accept an offer from the competition, XYZ, Inc. 

ABC is a major corporation and a really interesting company as shown in the astrology chart.  It has a brilliant, forceful, intuitive leader with a real humanitarian vision.  He has shepherded the company through many acquisitions and a major merger with a competitor that enabled him to take the company to the top of the field.  Not only is this man charismatic, he is also disciplined, practical, and goal oriented.

This is great, and yet can be a real problem.  The rest of the organization is at cross-purposes with itself.  The structure is like two see-saws at square angles to each other, full of stress and tension among the various officers, employees, and other stakeholders.  All of the many conflicts are brought to the leader and with his blend of strong determination, foresight, and sheer good fortune, he puts the company back on track time and time again. This is not a company that could find its way without him.  He steers the vehicle single-handedly and brilliantly.  Without him it would surely crash.

He loves running the company this way – he is a true power broker, handing out power to this one and then that one, taking power away at will also.  When you are in his inner circle of advisors, the sky is the limit career-wise.  If you are out of his good graces, there is no longer a place for you.

And so we looked at the transits.  Pluto, the planet we’ve been discussing and tracking in its transit through Capricorn, is poised to stimulate the grand conflict that is at the heart of this company.  A high-magnitude earthquake is coming and this company will teeter.  The trouble will last several years with a lot of wreckage along the way.  The question is, can this one man control and guide the company through this?    How much stamina does he have?  Or will his foresight and judgment finally dictate that he puts a true management structure in place to address the myriad problems that are about to arise?

Is there a place in this scenario for Jane?  Tomorrow we’ll look at the other company.