Hi, everyone.  If you missed the last couple of posts about Jane http://astro4business.com/2009/07/07/jump-ship-chapter-2/, take a look at them before this one.  For those up to date, let’s continue our saga.

Jane is a CEO in the midst of the decision whether to jump ship in order to secure a position with an older, more established company.  Jane’s intuition and network hadn’t let her down; according to the astrology chart, her current company, company ABC, really is in trouble.  So next we looked at the company making the offer, Company XYZ. 

Company XYZ is almost thirty years old.  Those who are familiar with astrological cycles know that the 30 year mark is a time of maturity, the time the planet Saturn returns to the position it was at the start.  Past mistakes have become lessons learned by the end of Saturn’s first cycle around the natal chart.

Company XYZ was incorporated by an intelligent leader with a humanitarian goal, and that leader is still in place.  The company’s true purpose, which is derived from this gifted leader, matches how the public perceives the company.  The second tier of management of the company is powerful:  the company tends to hire adventurers, pioneers, and explorers.  Sometimes this has led to sudden separations and bad press, but generally the key leaders have a good mix of the practical and the visionary.

On the other hand, the company survived very difficult early years and carries deep questions about trust and betrayal, and somehow this especially falls on female leadership.  And yet, the company was incorporated under a powerful combination of two outer planets, Neptune and Pluto and has the potential to irrevocably change the religious, spiritual, artistic, medical or healing focus of society.

Currently, XYZ is not afflicted by the same Pluto transit ABC is experiencing.  Pluto is affecting it, as it is affecting all of us, but it forms no major contacts to any of the strengths or weaknesses of the company as shown by the chart. 

So, it’s a good company, but is there an opening for Jane?  We wonder, how many women have advanced in the company?  Jane fits the profile of the second tier of management.  Is there any room for her in the first tier?  Tomorrow, we’ll look at Jane’s chart and compare it to each company to see which one is a better fit.

For fun, why don’t you read the last blog and in the comments section vote:  if you were Jane, would you stay with company ABC, or would you jump ship, to company XYZ?