Hello, everyone.  This is our final post about Jane, http://astro4business.com/2009/07/07/jump-ship-chapter-3/ the CEO who is considering whether to remain with her current company or accept an offer for a comparable position from a competitor.  Did you vote?

I must say, I was surprised, as was Jane, when I compared her natal chart to the chart of the two companies.  If I had voted, I would have voted jump ship!  But investigating each company’s compatibility with Jane, I changed my mind.

Below is a chart that shows the considerations.  In the first column are the natal planets in Jane’s chart and what part of Jane’s personality is affected by the contact with each company.  The next two columns show the likely outcome for Jane when she mixes her energy with the energy of each company.

Jane’s Natal Planets

ABC Company

XYZ Company

Sun – whether Jane can shine; whether her talents will be appreciated Jane will always be noticed; she will be respected but seen as difficult Jane will be appreciated but not as a major player
Moon – whether she can express her feelings; how her femininity will be respected She could be caught in internal conflicts; the situation will feel unstable to her She will be respected as a woman; she will be able to express herself truthfully
Mercury – whether she can speak freely, whether her thinking is respected Her communication style and good mind will be appreciated Her communication style is seen as uplifting and grounding
Venus – how comfortable she will be; how happy; whether it will be advantageous financially This company is advantageous financially for Jane; she is liked by the leader, and is in alignment with the company philosophy and purpose It will be a challenge to get raises; she will always be fighting for the money she deserves; there will be sudden financial gains and losses
Mars – how freely she can take action and reap the rewards of her efforts Her high energy will be appreciated. She will be seen as a fighter for the company They will appreciate her energy but won’t feel she makes a real impact
Jupiter – whether she will learn, expand her skills and exercise her own judgment She is seen as wise; as someone who can resolve difficulties This company will dampen her enthusiasm; she will feel stuck and hampered
Saturn – how open the company is to her sense of discipline, systems, and business sense Jane’s stable, responsible presence will make it safe for company take risks She fits well into organizational systems.
Uranus – how creative she will feel; how innovative she will be allowed to be She is seen as unique but she instills confidence. May push the company out of the box She will be seen as rebellious and hard to manage
Neptune – how inspired she will feel; whether the work will move her She cares about the altruistic nature of the work and is particularly inspired by other women in the company She will feel inspired by the work but feel hemmed in by rules and structures
Pluto – the extent the experience will transform her Company and Jane will transform each other She can be successful but only with difficulty. She can help transform the company attitude toward women but only with struggle and adversity.

As you can see, it’s not a black and white situation.  This is where the dialogue between the counseling astrologer and the client becomes so important.  As Jane and I discussed her compatibility with each company and also the major life-changing time she is experiencing in her own life (see blog,Jump Ship?), she decided to stay with ABC for now.  Big changes are coming anyway; even if she jumps ship now, she won’t land in anything with the permanency she is looking for.  So she decided to let things unfold on their own, and keep her eye on the horizon for the next ship.