Hi, everyone.  Did you see the Neptune video? This week we’re going to start talking about Neptune.

There are three major cycles that astrologers track that can impact our businesses in a big way over the long term.  We’ve spent some time discussing Pluto and its travels through the sign of Capricorn, which began in 2008 and will continue until 2024.  While Pluto is an energy that is far beyond our ability to control, it is nonetheless not unfamiliar.  The energy of birth, regeneration, upheaval, death, and eventual rebirth is familiar ground to all of us living on this planet.

The next major cycle we’re going to discuss is the cycle of Neptune.  Neptune’s revolution around the sun takes 168 years; it is 30 times farther from the sun than the earth is.  In astrology, the outer planets carry a transcendent energy and Neptune’s energy is a little hard to get a hold of for most people, and may be even harder for most business people.  It represents a part of human experience that is subtle and anti-ego and so its waves of energy go unnoticed even though it is operating all the time.  It is the part of us that yearns to be part of a larger whole, yearns for unity.  It is easily seen in the realm of fashion, when a certain style, like blue jeans, sweeps throughout an entire culture or at a sports event when the entire crowd becomes one cheering entity.

I was thinking about this Neptune energy the other day as I was driving.  Driving on a busy highway is a very Neptunian activity.  The whole notion of driving with thousands of others in single lines on narrow paths, merging, swerving, changing lanes, coordinating speeds and timing, is the very epitome of Neptune energy.  Everyone is watching out for everyone else, not in the sense of personal caring, but in the sense of noticing and staying aware of everyone else’s movement through space.  Your awareness becomes much larger than just you in your vehicle; in fact your awareness often leaves your own individual locus and critically connects to all of the cars in your line of sight.  And as long as you keep your eye on your portion of the road, and everyone else keeps their eye on their portion of the road, an incredible choreography happens.

And this experience is a matter of life and death.  At these speeds in these metal machines, you absolutely put yourself into the hands of your fellow beings.  It seems almost miraculous that all these separate people with separate purposes can coordinate their activities so thoroughly that we all live through the experience.  Neptune in motion:  the power to subsume our individuality in order to accomplish something as a whole.  Really it’s a beautiful thing:  to accomplish our aim of getting where we are going we must support everyone else’s aim of reaching their destination too.  Where selfishness becomes selflessness – the Neptune point.

How does this energy apply to success in business?  How can we, as businesspeople, align ourselves with it?  And what are the signs of Neptune in Aquarius, where it has been travelling for some time?  We’ll talk about these things in this series on Neptune.