NEW AUDIO VERSION: Neptune in Aquarius – Inspired Minds

I can’t really write about Neptune without getting into some of her more subtle aspects and connect the dots from the urge to connect…to loss of ego…to dreams…to inspiration.  Certainly there are overarching trends that affect all of us as Neptune continues its passage through Aquarius and we will continue to explore them in the coming posts.  But there is an inner aspect to Neptune that I feel is also critical for any business person to master and there are particular ways this energy is making itself felt during these times.

My inspiration for this post came from thinking about the sign Aquarius and its connection to the realm of mind and ideas.   I’ve also been rereading Julia Cameron’s Finding Water, the third book of her Artist’s Way trilogy.  Julia’s advice includes what she refers to as Morning Pages, three pages of long-hand writing you do first thing in the morning.  Strictly stream-of-consciousness, mind to paper without stopping or censoring.

I think of this kind of writing as opening a direct channel from Neptune.  In this kind of writing I am absolutely freed from my ego because no one will ever read my thoughts.  While Julia encourages each of us to  write whatever we feel, no matter how petty or trivial, I notice that very quickly I tune into another channel, one full of new thoughts, good ideas, and unexpected wisdom.  The inspiration channel – better than TV!

For example, through this channel I designed an alternate way to present astrology charts to clients using a large surface, images representing the signs, and objects representing the planets.  Very visual, colorful, it gives a direct intuitive experience instead of a flat, two dimensional one.  This is not how I usually think – I am generally very linear and diagrammatic.  But when I open to the Neptune channel, in pours color, art, design.

I have used the Neptune channel for client financial issues, and for large accounting design projects.  There is brilliance in this universe that is not a product of my usual left-brain focus and it is generous.  In fact, the more I can allow the realm of my rational mind to open to the waves of the Neptune energy, the more inspired I am in my work and the better ideas I have for my business.  And then I feel I am part of a larger whole and that there is a place for me in the collective.

It’s such an interesting time with Neptune transitting Aquarius because the non-rational (Neptune; right brain) is pouring into the earth through the rational (Aquarius; left brain).  The realm of thought and ideas has become today’s conduit for the creative.  Expect to be inspired.  Whether you feel stuck in your business or career, or you’re ready for something new, find a way to open to the energy of Neptune in Aquarius.  Some suggestions for luring the inspiration of Neptune in Aquarius:

  • Walk by the sea or any body of water with pen and paper or a digital recorder.  Look at the sky, look at the birds, the clouds, the water.  See colors and shapes.  As my acupuncturist tells me, Don’t think!  When inspiration strikes, record it. 
  • Make some sacrifice for your community.  This could be as simple as volunteering in the community garden to proofreading for Digital Proofreaders.  Sacrifice is particularly dear to Neptune and Aquarius rules community and the distribution of knowledge to all.
  • Record your dreams and learn dream interpretation techniques.  Dreams are one of the languages of Neptune and the effort to explore their meanings invites her wisdom.  I have been studying with Judith Schafman, PHD ( and have recognized several business ideas in the symbols of my dreams.
  • Keep pen and paper by your bed and pay attention to early morning musings, just in the space between sleep and awake.  This blog was a gem I found in that space.
  • Go to Julia Cameron’s website,, and download the PDF on Morning Pages.  Try it for a week.  I promise you’ll be amazed.


Neptune is available to everyone at any time; she doesn’t hold back.  She just needs an empty space to fill.  Think of her as leaping over from your right brain into your left brain and finding a quiet space there to settle in and chat.  She is an endless source of energy and inspiration, more than all of us put together can hold.  We can all enjoy inspired minds while Neptune is in Aquarius.