Sunrise on Saint Simons Island. (Photo by Kim Whitelock)

Sunrise on Saint Simons Island. (Photo by Kim Whitelock)

The Sun, as the center of our solar system, is the most important planet/luminary in astrology.

In a personal natal chart the sun indicates

  • The life path, the basic drive for significance in life
  • The father figure and other males
  • Vitality
  • Leadership qualities
  • The health of the heart and spine, as well as the prana
  • Creative expression

How will we define the Sun as used in astrology for business?  There are three different options for the business use of astrology:

  1. The first is reading a person’s standard natal chart from the point of view of business.  What does your chart say about you as a business person?  What are your strengths and weaknesses as applied to your professional life?
  2. The second is reading the chart of a business itself.  It is fairly easy to find the date of incorporation of publicly held businesses, and many small business owners know the date they first opened their doors or made their first sale.  These dates can be used to draw a chart for the business.
  3. The third option is to view the vocations that have been found to be good expressions of certain planetary energies.  If a certain planet is strongly placed in a chart, it is a good indication of a vocational fit.

The Sun in a Businessperson’s Chart

Let’s look at the Sun in a businessperson’s chart.  Extrapolating meaning from the Sun in a personal chart, we can say that the Sun in a businessperson’s chart describes their drive for professional fulfillment, their essential interests, and their leadership style.  I once had an astrologer tell me that she always looked to the Sun in a person’s chart to describe their professional aspirations, because if the Sun is not satisfied then no matter how successful a person may be, they will not feel fulfilled.  The Sun also indicates the essential interests of a person and whether their normal mode of operating is active and energetic, steady and focused, or more inclined to multiple interests and multi-tasking.

For example, someone with a Pisces Sun may be extremely intuitive in their decision making while a Taurus may have a methodical and practical approach to leadership.  Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun may incline him to multiple avenues of professional self-expression.  Bill Gates’ Scorpio Sun is deep and penetrating, and he will wrestle with a problem constantly until it is resolved.

The Sun in the Chart of a Business

When we look at the Sun in the chart of a business, we take the essential meanings of the Sun in a personal chart and combine them with the meanings of the Sun in a mundane chart.  A business is an entity in that it has a birth, a life cycle, and an end, and it has meaning and purpose like any other being.  It is like a child of a person’s imagination and desire.  But it’s also impersonal, in that it doesn’t carry its own conscious evolvement even though it passes through phases and cycles like everything else on earth.  In this way it is more like the mundane chart of a nation and the meanings from that branch of astrology apply.

In a business chart, the Sun describes the leader, the boss, anyone who has essential authority in the organization.  I tend to think of it as one person, but in certain signs it could represent a partnership or executive team .

For example, the Disney Company’s Leo Sun looks like the date was picked by an astrologer!  Leo is the sign of creativity, drama, the ego and children and by its own statement, it is a “worldwide diversified entertainment company”.  It has tended to have CEOs who were stars in their own right, like Michael Eisner and Michael  Ovitz.   Even Walt Disney, the founder, was extremely talented in his own right, and he never stayed in the background.  Even as children we knew who was the leader of the Disney Company. 


Many thanks for the following vocational information to Noel Tyl.  As my first astrology teacher in the 1970s, his work continues to influence my thinking to this day.  He has recently published Vocations, the New Midheaven Extension Process, which outlines the various vocations that are connected with each of the planets.

The vocations associated with the sun include leadership, drama, entertainment, children and education, gold, and government.  Do you see how these are connected to the other descriptions?  The essential energy of the sun takes slightly different but related forms in the different expressions.

So, in chart form, we have:

Planet or Luminary In personal chart In mundane chart In businessperson’s chart In business chart In vocational expression
Sun Life path

Father figure


Heart and spine

Creative expression

King, President

People in authority

Public heroes

National champions

Basic drive for fulfillment

Essential interests

Leadership style

The leader, the boss

Leadership style

Authority, power




Children & education