Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

How did it go last week? 

For me, the Mars/Saturn square at the beginning of the week sapped all of my energy and I spent a couple of days just plodding.  But then on Wednesday I felt energetic and entrepreneurial with the Mars/Jupiter contact and I developed many ideas for ongoing content for this blog and my work.  I didn’t make much headway with implementation, as I fielded a lot of calls from clients who were also feeling energetic and entrepreneurial and needed immediate guidance.  By Friday, when the Sun opposed Jupiter, I had stepped firmly into overload.  There was so much going on and so many projects to complete, most of which I had instigated myself, that the work spilled over into the weekend. 

One client let me know he completed his corporate strategic plan last week, plus had a major conflict with an employee, plus ended the week fielding three job offers!  Another client funded his LLC, opened bank accounts, and mapped out his strategy for purchasing and renovating real estate.  One of my readers had so much unexpected work, her staycation had to be curtailed. Another wrote to say she had so many ideas, she had to get them down on paper to avoid overwhelm.   Yup, a big Mars/Jupiter week.

So what can we look for this week?   A week with erratic Uranus aspects to look out for and a crescent phase Moon diminishing to new on Thursday.  (Note:  the forecast is generally written for USA Eastern Standard Time.  Please make adjustments.  For example, if you reside in Los Angeles, subtract 3 hours; London, add 5 hours; Sydney, add 14 hours.)


With the new Moon coming on Thursday there will be a natural lull mid-week, so get up early on Monday morning and get started, or even Sunday night!  Monday looks like the busiest and most productive day of the week.  It starts with the Sun in beneficial aspect to Mars, which will bring initiative and decisiveness and the physical and mental energy to make things happen.  Good ideas, self-motivated action and problem solving capability are all hallmarks of this aspect. 

Later in the day Mercury will contact Saturn which gives great concentration and focus, so this is a good time to review contracts, get some writing done, or organize your desk and workflow for the week.  Then there’s an about face: a lack of mental clarity can step in when the Sun opposes Neptune in the late afternoon, a good time for creativity but not decision-making.  Turn on some music and be open to inspiration.  That’s enough for one day!


On Tuesday, Mars challenges Uranus.  This indicates technical and mechanical problems but could provide the solution too, if you can find the patience to deal with them.  Compulsive action is your adversary – try to slow down.  Your competitive nature will be strong with an attitude of risk-taking, and with Uranus you never know what the outcome will be – only that it will be surprising.  A few hours later there is some level of diplomacy in the stars with a positive Venus/Saturn contact.  Whatever aggressive moves you want to make, wait until Wednesday when your judgment and sense of fair play is better.


The new Moon will be on Thursday, early morning in the Eastern US, late morning in London, evening in Australia.  About 12 hours before and after the new Moon is a time of stillness, a time to assimilate the last cycle and psychically prepare for the next lunar cycle.  It is best to just stop, but if that’s not possible, at least take a break from productivity and especially don’t start something new!  Finish up projects and file, clean, and organize, but no initial meetings, new campaigns or signing contracts.


On Friday, it’s fine to start working in earnest again, starting new projects, making new contacts, and opening doors.  However, there’s a challenging aspect between Mercury and Uranus that pits precision and practicality against innovation and invention.  Sudden news may disrupt the day and your mind will be operating at the speed of light.  Best use of this energy?  Go with the flow.  The influx from outer planets like Uranus is so strong, there’s no sense resisting.  Grab a pen and paper and get it all down.  Sort it out later.


Saturday is a mentally creative day, with a Venus/Uranus contact bringing sudden flashes of intuition.  Relationships and interactions are favored and contacts with groups can bring sudden breakthroughs.  The Sun leaves the sign Leo and enters Virgo on Saturday.  We’ll look more at Virgo during the next few days.


Sunday is a financial powerhouse day, with a beneficial aspect between the Sun and Pluto.  Your determination will mix with an inner realization of your hidden strengths and you can achieve a major step forward, a step that leads to financial results.

Let me know how these energies play out in your business in the comments section below.