Would you like to participate in an Astro4Business project? This is your opportunity to have an in-depth conversation about yourself as a business person and add to the general knowledge about the intersection of astrology and business.

One of the surprising things I found when I began this blog is that there is very little material available on the intersection of astrology and business.  I haven’t found any other websites that specifically address the astrological needs of business owners and I don’t know of any books on the subject either.  There are several fascinating sites on astrology and investing, and many great sites on astrology and personal life, but none that address small business owners and management.

I’ve decided to build a database of knowledge about the subject.  I have my own concepts based on my long experience in both business and astrology. And I’ve drawn from different branches of astrology to learn how the energies play out in the business sphere as you can see from my series on the planets (See series “The Planets” under ASTRO4BUSINESS BASICS category). But I’d like to test these theories and learn more while I’m at it!

That’s where you come in. I’m starting an interview project for business owners.  I’d like to interview as many of you as I possibly can to learn the correspondences and test my assumptions.  To this end I’ve come up with 30 questions that, combined with the natal or business chart, get at the heart of how the planetary energies play out in a business person’s life. 

I thought I’d share them and encourage each and every one of you to participate in this study.  The questions are interesting in themselves, sort of a “business-self” inventory.  You would be helping to build the knowledge of this subject and making it an ever more useful tool for everyone.  And I think we would have a lively conversation, either in text or by phone, about you and your business.  See the sidebar for how you can participate.

Interview Questions for Business Owners

    1. What business are you in?  Does it suit you?

    2. What did your parents do?  Did you grow up around business?

    3. What would you say is the number one talent you bring to your business life?

    4. When would you say was the high point so far in your business career, and what made it so?  Or is it still coming?

    5. When would you say was the lowest point, and why?

    6. Are you expanding or contracting your business now, or maintaining the status quo?

    7. Are you in a start up phase in your business, building momentum, at a culmination, or letting something go?

    8. What would you say is your life’s purpose?  (A big question, I know, but give it a go!)

    9. What would you say is your aptitude for spoken and written communications?

    10.  How comfortable are you with the latest information technology?

    11.  Do you enjoy the finance part of business?  What do you like most about it?  What do you like least?

    12.  Do you have fun in your business?

    13.  How good are you at sales?

    14.  Are you a relationship person?  Can you usually put people at ease and find common ground?

    15.  Have you engaged in long-term professional partnerships?  How did it go?

    16.  What has been your relationship with money?  Fairly easeful, comes and goes, hard to come by, no problem, etc?

    17.  How involved do you become in the design of your product?

    18.  Do you manage people?  If so, what do you like most about it?  What do you like least?

    19.  Would you say you’re a creative person?

    20.  Are you ambitious?  Are you competitive?

    21.  How much risk have you taken in your business endeavors?

    22.  How productive are you?  Do you usually get as much done in a day as you intend to?

    23.  How confident do you feel about your success?  Have you always felt you would succeed?

    24.  What have been the biggest business opportunities that have come your way?  Were you able to take advantage of them?

    25.  Is there anyone you rely on for business advice?

    26.  How much self-discipline do you have?  How much perseverance?

    27.  What inspires you most?  Where do you get your best ideas?

    28.  Are you an early adopter of technology?  A late adopter?  An in-betweener?

    29.  How important are global and national trends to your business?

    30.  Have you ever completely changed your business or career, or is it normally a gentle morphing from one form to another?