Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that during the next two weeks there are only a couple of days to watch out for!  I think we can all use the pause after the last two weeks which included 10 major planetary tests:

August 17        Mercury(Communications)/Saturn(Restriction)

August 17        Sun(Leadership)/Neptune(Illusion)

August 18        Mars(Action)/Uranus(Rebellion)

August 21        Mercury(Communications)/Uranus(Rebellion)

August 22        Sun entering Virgo

August 25        Mars entering Cancer

August 25        Mercury entering Libra

August 25        Mercury(Communications)/Mars(Action)

August 26        Venus entering Leo

August 26        Mars(Action)/Pluto(Irrevocable Change)

That was a lot!  And you’ll notice there was not one Venus(Harmony) aspect nor Jupiter(Optimism) aspect to any planet to lighten the load. Thank you to all my readers who carefully watched this past week’s Mars/Pluto transit and reported back to me.  This really helps build the knowledge of the intersection of business and astrology.

This is what I learned.  In every case of really dramatic events, there was a close contact between the major current planetary aspect and the person’s or business’ chart.  The current aspect touched off energies that were waiting to explode, for better or for worse.  And in each case, something hidden came to light; something that had been waiting in the wings for its cue.  A good public case is the reappointment of Ben Bernanke to the Federal Reserve Chairmanship.  Apparently, this had been decided in July but only revealed last week.

Every client that contacted me with a relatively quiet or uneventful week had no close contact between these aspects and their personal chart.  But I now realize that I may have missed an opportunity to collect information.  I should have asked you all to watch the organizations and institutions around you as well as your own personal business life.

I did find it interesting that there were no major business or banking revelations or hostile takeovers.  I guess my feeling that Mars in Cancer would soften the energy really was true.  However, in the geophysical realm, there were at least four tropical storms in the Caribbean and Atlantic, a devastating typhoon in Taiwan, forest fires in California and earthquakes in Japan.


Thursday’s Mercury/Mars Square

This Thursday’s Mercury/Mars square will seem tame in comparison to the last two weeks, even with the Full Moon on Friday.  But it’s always smart to be extra careful with communications when these two planets meet up.  Mercury in Libra can be maddingly cool and fair-minded from the point of view of Mars in Cancer.  When Mars is in Cancer, our usual outward thrusting energy is considerably dampened and turned inward.  This can manifest as quietly seething with emotional reactions that have no outlet.  Enter the cool, detached communicator and that’s a recipe for conflict.

When planets square each other circumstances force us to face issues we’d rather ignore.  Sometimes there is so much internal tension that we look outside ourselves for someone or something to blame.  A typical scenario:

Mars in Cancer:  I feel frustrated by my lack of momentum and productivity, so you decide what to do.

Mercury in Libra:  I can’t decide.  There are so many good options, you figure it out, but make sure you get it right.

You get the picture.  Neither party (or part of yourself) is willing to just pick up the ball and run with it.  Each expects the other to lead.  This is a recipe for stalemates, arguments, and mechanical things breaking down because no one is heeding warning signs, expecting the other party to take care of it.

Friday’s Full Moon

The Moon continues its waxing phase until Friday.  Until Friday is an extremely good time to initiate new projects, make new contacts and launch new products. 

The Full Moon on Friday begins the 15 day Hindu celebration of Pitru Paksha.  Pitru (forefathers) Paksha (phase of the Moon) is an annual celebration honoring ancestors.  It is said that the ancestors return to earth during this time, and honoring them helps their souls remain content.  It is traditional to give charity at this time as a way to give back to those who gave so much to us.

“Ancestors” in this context has come to mean all those whose blessings have allowed us to live a full and happy life.  This refers to all of our biological ancestors, but also any mentors or guides, school teachers, coaches, spiritual advisors, anyone to whom you owe a debt of gratitude.  For those of us in business, it’s a great time to remember and thank anyone who enabled our success, anyone whose example inspired us, or who gave us an opportunity when we needed it most.  It’s also a great time to reach out to others for wisdom and to share your own.

Have a wonderful Full Moon and in the ensuing two weeks may all of your guides and guardians be pleased to continue to support you in the coming year!