Cancer astrology sign on the ceiling of the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal. (Source:Wikipedia)

Cancer astrology sign on the ceiling of the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal. (Source:Wikipedia)

Is anyone else having trouble with Mars in Cancer, besides me?  Aarrgh!

Since I began writing this blog, Mars has been in the previous sign, Gemini.  Gemini, an air sign, is the sign of writing and communications and applying my energy in this way was like taking an easy stroll on a well-maintained forest trail, lots to see, a clear path ahead.  In my natal chart Mars is in Libra, another air sign, and I have always been very comfortable applying my energy to mental endeavors.

In the dark

Now that Mars is in Cancer, a water sign, I feel like I’m stumbling around in the dark, blind to the way ahead, swimming in muddy water.  My normal clarity has deserted me.  Occasionally, like this morning, I wake up inspired about how to proceed but all day yesterday I could only wait.  I did some research and tried a little stream of consciousness writing, but even that wasn’t productive.  My stream had nothing in it.

My mind usually operates in a very linear way.  I can map out and accomplish my goals in a step by step fashion, easily recognizing what is the next right action to stay on a productive course.  With Mars in Cancer, which is Moon ruled, the thought-waves in my mind are like the Moon, waxing, waning, hard to see, hard to trap.   Like the crabs in the ocean that constantly evade my Labrador, my thoughts scurry away to hide in seaweed and mud, camouflaged so effectively they elude me.

How are you doing with this transit, which lasts until mid-October?  I am surprised by how front-and-center this shift in energy feels, and the impact it is having on my business.  Because of some travel in the next few weeks I had a carefully charted plan about how I was going to keep posting to this blog every day and keep in touch with my clients.  As soon as Mars moved into Cancer, my plans fell apart, family matters impeded, I fell behind.

Mars through the elements

I suspect I am having a hard time with this shift because my natal Mars is in an air sign.  Air signs, such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, prefer activity to be precise, planned, organized, predictable, timely, and balanced.  People with Mars in the water signs, Cancer as well as Scorpio and Pisces, are motivated by feelings, sensitivity, inspirations, natural timing, and energy ebbing and flowing in its own rhythm.

I imagine those with natal Mars in a fire sign, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are also having a hard time with Mars underwater.  Mars is in its own element in the fire signs, and people with Mars in fire signs are used to inspiring and motivating themselves and others through challenge, aggression, and speed.  This dynamic energy is not a good match for the empathic, interior, home-based Mars in Cancer.

People with natal Mars in an earth sign, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, are probably a little more comfortable with Mars in Cancer as they too can be a little slower to react and more rhythmic in their energy flow.  But Mars in earth signs wants to be productive in practical, useful ways. They are interested in setting goals and applying themselves to results and outcomes.  Mars in Cancer is not outcome oriented.  This is a period when activity is based on cycles and phases and the ideal outcome is one that brings people together to form family-like bonds.

More empathy?

Every sign has its place in our development, and every season has its lessons.  What will be the lessons of Mars in Cancer?  As surely as it came, it will leave again in mid-October.  For two months every two years, those of us with our natal Mars in other elements have to be more intuitive, more empathic, more willing to be motivated by interpersonal connection than our own goals and accomplishments.  I guess that’s not a bad thing, as uncomfortable as it feels right now! 

How are you doing with this transit of Mars through Cancer?  Can you feel it?  Did your energy shift last week?  Let me know how you are experiencing your motivation and productivity at this time.  It would be lovely to know your natal Mars when you respond.  If you don’t know it, send me an email to the address at the right, and I’ll draw up your chart and let you know.