What's next?

What's next?

OK.  I take everything back I said was hard about Mars in Cancer.  Now I get it.

Like the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, life can be simple if you respond to its rhythms.  When it’s time to eat, you eat with gusto! 

Yum.  Oatmeal and bananas.

Yum. Oatmeal and bananas.







Cutest boy ever!

Cutest boy ever!




When it’s time to play, the simplest object delights. 

Play time.

Play time.







Nap time.  Grandma gets to blog.

Nap time. Grandma gets to blog.





When it’s time to nap, Grandma gets to blog. 

One hour here, 45 minutes there, and the entire week’s posts are done on time. 

Rocking a resistant baby to sleep:   time to think about the meaning of the astrology signs and business. 

Baby playing happily in playpen:  gather research for next day’s blog. 

Everything gets done, everything in its own time, everything on time. 



Do you have any images you’d like to share for Mars in Cancer or Retrograde Mercury?  It would be fun to share images as well as words.  I’d love to post them here!