Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)


Hello, everyone.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are the big days this week.  However, with major transits of the outer planets, like this week holds, the influence can easily be experienced within a few days before and after the exact day.  So be on the watch all week, and let me know what you notice.


On Tuesday, Saturn (limitation, contraction) opposes Uranus (innovation, disruption).  This is the third exact contact of these two titans out of five in this cycle.  We’ve been speaking lately about the “force field” management theory of Kurt Lewin, wherein an increase in innovation and dynamic change causes an increase in resisting and restraining forces.  This tension has overshadowed the business and political environment since the first contact, which was exact on the USA Election Day in 2008, when the force of change overwhelmed the forces of the status quo.  All year we’ve been watching a huge backlash of the resisting force. 

The stronger the disruptive energy, the stronger the static energy.  You are likely to see this play out this week.  You or your employees may break out of your routines and express rebelliousness, restlessness and extreme frustration with the status quo. The outer planets such as Uranus will always eventually overwhelm the other planets because the outer planets symbolize societal and evolutionary forces.  The powers of innovation and change will triumph over tradition and ego-protection. 

How should we deal with this, this week?  By working to minimize our resistance and designing systems to capture inspiration.  Welcome the disruption of change and trust it to move your business forward in ways you could not have imagined.

There is also a Venus Neptune opposition on Tuesday.  Oppositions often appear in the form of another party or entity pulling against our own desires.  You may feel that someone else is causing confusion around your finances, or your social instincts are out of synch with the situations you find yourself in.  The forces of confusion or deception are strong on Tuesday, but so is your intuition.  Try to feel your way and be open to creative solutions from others to address difficulties that day. 


Thursday begins with a Sun Uranus opposition.  The Sun represents the business owner and his/her basic drive for fulfillment, and Uranus represents sudden change and innovation.  This aspect can be tense and stressful, but this is because a new idea or solution is trying to break through into your consciousness.  Try to open to this energy and welcome the insight no matter who is the messenger or what is their manner of delivery.

There are likely to be intense conflicts a couple of hours later.  Hold on to the inspiration from the Sun Uranus opposition as you move into the hours of the Mercury Pluto square.  In fact, this could be a great time to ground your insights.  Mercury Pluto is good for research and with Mercury still in retrograde motion, you may be able to revisit and revise an earlier idea or insight that gets illuminated today, taking it to a deeper and more profound level.  That’s best case scenario.  In worst case scenario, you may feel overwhelmed and maddened by forces you cannot withstand, especially concerning debt or taxes or banking.  This could be rough but remember, Pluto only digs up what is festering below the surface and needs to be cleansed.

Then later in the day when the Sun conjuncts Saturn, you will be able to deal with all of the turmoil from the morning.  Rational, disciplined strategies will come to you and you become willing to do the hard work, put in the extra effort to stabilize your business through practical planning and realistic action.


On Friday is the new Moon.  The new Moon is when the Sun and Moon align in the exact same degree of the zodiac.  The Moon cannot be seen at this time because it is hidden by the massive brilliance of the Sun.  It’s interesting that in some societies the new Moon is considered inauspicious, while in Western society it is considered a great time to begin something new.  Some cultures give a lot more value to the Moon than Western culture.  In these cultures, the emotional, inward-looking, subconscious states that are symbolized by the Moon are given equal weight to the outward-focused, ego-driven urges of the Sun.  So if the Moon is overtaken by the Sun, it is seen as a time of imbalance, a time to be still, meditate, and not make major decisions or begin anything new.  In the West, we have tended to be glad to be rid of the feminine energy which can block our striving for success, so we welcome a time without her influence and charge ahead.  What do you think?  Go or no go?  Try to feel exactly what your impulses tell you to do.


Sunday is a wonderful day for sales, communications, negotiations, and conversations with the Sun conjunct Mercury.  This will be a great day to get together with business colleagues or reignite contact with prior partners.  With a Venus Pluto aspect later in the day we can have the deep, trusting interactions we need to seal the deal.  Everyone involved will recognize their interdependency and work cooperatively toward a favorable outcome for all. Please no contract signing at this time though.  And while the Mercury Sun aspect is generally great for travel and mobility, with Mercury still retrograde it’s best to avoid mechanical transportation if possible.  So how about walking, canoeing, kayaking, horse-back riding…