Apollo 17 Exploration (Source:Wikipedia)

Apollo 17 Exploration (Source:Wikipedia)

In the last post we were looking at boundaries and frontiers.  Two different words for the same basic phenomena, depending on how we respond to the call of Uranus. 

In astrological terms, Saturn represents the boundary of the known, since it was the farthest planet known to humans for millennia.  With the invention of the telescope, Uranus came into view.  Uranus represents what lies on the other side of boundaries, and the force that constantly pulls at us to cross that boundary, explore the frontier and beyond.

It’s an interesting relationship to consider for ourselves and our businesses:  what boundaries have you broken through?  What boundary are you bumping up against?   Can you reframe the boundary as the next frontier? 

Pulled into the new

In the start-up phase, the boundary may be barriers to entry into your chosen market, like lack of financing or entrenched competitors.  In the growth phase, the boundary may be knowledge or skills, or lack of a qualified labor pool.  In the expansion phase, the boundary may be holding on to the original vision or discomfort with power.  At the mature stage, possibly the complexities of bureaucracy or lack of innovation. 

And boundaries can be interior or exterior. Or both. I very much doubt Columbus had no trepidation about what he was about to do (interior).  And we know he had to break through a financial boundary as he went hat in hand to several investment sources before he found a taker (exterior).

This exploration through breaking boundaries is beyond the expansion into new territories of Jupiter(optimism; expansion) and Mars (motivation; action).  This is Uranus pulling society forward as a whole.  It comes from the spark of interest and curiosity and ambition of one person, a Columbus or an Einstein, but it tows the whole of society into the future, into venturing further, steppping over the threshold.


Is there an explorer in you who wants to sail toward the horizon even though common knowledge says the world is flat?  Do you want to develop a new visual technique even though everyone will say it’s not art?  What about that perfect piece of real estate down the street?  Can you envision your first million dollar revenue year? 

 Boundaries and frontiers can be created in many ways.  Saturn is certainly the traditional face of boundaries, but boundaries can come from any way of being that has become entrenched in ourselves or our businesses.  I think each facet of ourselves, as symbolized by the planets, can produce its own boundaries.  Here are a few:

Planet             Personal Boundary                                        Business Boundary   

Sun            Lack of confidence                     Lack of clear authority                     

Moon          Emotional habits                         Lack of qualified work force            

Mercury      Thinking in grooved patterns         Outdated IT infrastructure

Venus         Prejudice against certain groups    Outdated product lines       

Mars           Lack of motivation                      Low productivity

Jupiter        Enthusiasm easily undermined        No long-term strategy

Saturn        Accepting limitation                     Outside regulations


Do any of these ring true for you in your business? 

If each of these boundaries was a frontier, how would you approach exploring it?  Uranus operates in everyone’s life and everyone’s business.  It is through its beckoning that we even recognize that a boundary exists.  What tools would it take to respond to the pull of the unknown?

Are there boundaries you have recognized and resolved?  Please share your insights in the comments section.