Happy Jupiter Day!

Voyager 1 took this photo of the planet Jupiter on January 24, 1979 while still more than 25 million mi (40 million km) away.

Voyager 1 took this photo of the planet Jupiter on January 24, 1979 while still more than 25 million mi (40 million km) away.

Today is the day the great planet Jupiter comes to a standstill before resuming its direct forward motion.  Of course none of the planets ever actually stand still, but from our vantage point on earth sometimes it looks like a planet is moving forward, sometimes it looks like it is moving backwards, and, as it changes direction, it can look like it is standing still.

When a planet is stationary, it is a powerful time for the energies of that planet.  So today I thought we should revisit Jupiter and its transit through the sign of Aquarius, and then look at where you should look for business opportunities depending on which house of your chart it is traversing.  I’m honoring Jupiter with a very Jupiterian post, big and expansive!


As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is clearly visible and bright in the night sky, a large shining diamond.  Jupiter represents expansion, any activity aimed at extending or improving the mind, body, philosophy, or sphere of influence.  Jupiter represents our aspiration for wisdom and for a philosophy and moral code to live by. 

In the chart of a businessperson, Jupiter indicates the area of life where confidence and optimism brings luck and opportunities.  It shows the person’s judgment and discrimination, or lack thereof, and how practical they are in decision-making.  Jupiter indicates inspiration and the tendency toward expansion into new territories, and can indicate whether international business opportunities are a focus.

The condition of Jupiter tells about your openness to new opportunities and experiences, and your business philosophy regarding continuing education and training.  It indicates the level of benevolence and generosity toward employees and colleagues, and whether the person is reasonably openhanded or a spendthrift.

Iuppiter Tonans, possibly reflecting the cult image of the temple of Jupiter Tonans (Prado)

Iuppiter Tonans, possibly reflecting the cult image of the temple of Jupiter Tonans (Prado)

In a business chart, Jupiter describes the moral standards of the company and its advisors or board of directors.  It describes legal and international affairs.  It shows the company’s approach to goal-setting and strategic planning, and whether learning and experimentation are encouraged in the culture.  The general expectation for financial success can be seen from the placement of Jupiter.

Some vocations associated with Jupiter include publishing, law, and philosophy.  Jupiter also is associated with all forms of higher education, both as professor and student.  The ministry falls under the rulership of Jupiter, as well as vocations associated with international travel.


Aquarius is an air sign, concerned with the mind and intellect.  The glyph for Aquarius is the lightning bolt, signifying flashes of insight and brilliance.  Airwaves and electrical systems come naturally under the influence of this sign and also technological revolutions, such as the industrial revolution in the late 18th and early 19th century and the digital revolution in our time.  The sign is also associated with revolutionary ideas, such as liberty, democracy, anarchy, and socialism and with the nature of one’s responsibility and contribution to the group.  Aquarius includes an egalitarian vision, where each person is created equal to every other, and can make an equally valid contribution to the whole.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter has been in the sign Aquarius since January 2009 and will continue in this sign until January 2010.  What are the business opportunities when Jupiter is in Aquarius?  A partial list includes:

  • Expansion of business through technological innovation
  • Business opportunities through social networking
  • Optimism about teamwork and open innovation
  • Inviting customers or your audience to define their own product needs
  • Opportunities through spiritual or philosophical discourse, especially when disseminated through the latest technology
  • Providing opportunities for philosophical discussion among employees and coworkers
  • Success through collaboration, sharing, coordination, and cooperation
  • Virtual connectivity across borders
  • Investing in digital publishing


Aquarius Glyph

Aquarius Glyph

Jupiter in Aquarius for you

In this section I’ll outline for you where to look for business opportunities while Jupiter is in Aquarius.  You’ll need to have a copy of your chart to see which house Jupiter is transiting at this time.  See the sidebar if you’d like me to send you your chart with the current transits.

1st house – with Jupiter passing through your first house, the force of your personality alone attracts opportunities.  You come off as confident and optimistic and people are drawn to your energy.  So get out there and be with people and the opportunities will come.

2nd house – with Jupiter passing through your second house, a little gamble and a little risk with your own money will pay off; just don’t go overboard.  Invest in something solid and practical; bricks and mortar.

3rd house – your opportunities come through the field of education.  Find a way to pass on your knowledge or learn something new yourself.  Learning and teaching brings business expansion now, as well as writing and/or publishing.  Get that blog started!

4th house – anything to do with real estate or house wares in a good area of expansion for you, especially if there is some virtual or technological element involved.  Just promise me you’ll read the fine print before you sign.

5th house – the arts, creativity or businesses focused on children are important for you to invest in now.  Take a gamble and try something risky.  You’ve got the charisma to carry it off.

6th house – your day-to-day life holds opportunities for you, or anything you do to support the daily grind of others.  Also, finding a way to be of service will bring important business contacts.

7th house – partnerships!  Get together and collaborate with someone else and your business will boom.  Don’t be naïve though.  Check references and background thoroughly and get all of your agreements in black and white.

8th house – this is a good time to attract other people’s money or resources into your business.  People want you to handle their finances.  Invest wisely, and make sure all expectations are clearly stated and agreed to beforehand.

9th house– opportunities to do business overseas promise success, or at least to distant places over the airwaves.  Look also to contracts with learning institutions and extend yourself into publishing if that’s a fit for you.

10th house– The sky’s the limit for you.  This time should be brimming with opportunities for success – if you grab them.  Get out there with confident leadership and everyone will want to do business with you.

11th house– Your opportunities lie in groups, societies, associations.  Either find a way to collaborate with large numbers of people, or sell your products or services through a social network.

12th house– You may be inclined to retreat for a while and this is fine.  It’s time for some inner work and redefining of your goals.  But if you do seek opportunity, large institutions like the government or healthcare systems are perfect avenues for sharing your wisdom.