Hello, everyone.

Today, the warrior planet, Mars, enters the sign of Leo, leaving the sign of Cancer where it’s been since late August.  Mars will remain in Leo until June 2010, spending some time in retrograde motion.  So we’ve got a good long time to learn how to work with its energy.

Tracking cycles

Let’s briefly revisit what we are tracking when we follow the planets through the signs.  We’re all familiar with the cycle of the Sun through the signs; we call it the seasons: Spring, the season of renewal; Summer the season of growth; Autumn the season of withering; and winter, when the life seems to die, only to be reborn in Spring.  We’re also generally aware of the “seasons” of the Moon, as it waxes to Full Moon and wanes back to New.

The planets also have their own seasons; we just don’t stay as consciously aware of them as we do the Sun and Moon.  However, they are operating and affecting everything in our lives.  Astrology is the study of bringing to our awareness these more subtle cycles and pointing out how these cycles are supporting our endeavors and how we can align ourselves with them.

250px-Lion_waiting_in_NambiaMars in Leo

So what can we expect now that Mars is moving into Leo?

Mars indicates the ability to take action, to assert our will, to accomplish our goals.  Mars represents ambition and the competitive nature.  It indicates how a person becomes inspired to act, and how or whether they are able to inspire others to act.    The strength of Mars in a chart shows the level of physical energy and the healthiest way to express that energy. 

Leo is a Fire sign and like all of the fire signs expresses heightened energy and enthusiasm.  The Fire signs are inspirational and they carry a forceful, ardent, and sometimes impulsive energy.  Leo’s fire tends to be controlled and steady, with more discipline than the other fire signs.  Leo knows what it wants and goes after it steadily and earnestly.

When Mars is in Leo our assertion of will power becomes focused and controlled.  We can access great courage and confidence which others recognize and are willing to follow.  Mars in Leo loves to lead and gives faithfully and generously to those who follow.  Mars in Leo is honest, direct, and fully dependable.

Sharing the Stage

The sign Leo is also creative and artistic, and loves to be on display.  Mars in this sign may incite us to competitions and overt displays of our talents.  Since Mars in the business chart indicates the second tier of leadership, your lieutenants may desire their own limelight and it would be a good time to share it with them.  The best creative initiatives may come from them and the rewards will be for all to enjoy.

The Yajur Veda is an ancient scripture of India.  I read a passage this morning that I thought expressed Mars in Leo, as well as a key to using this time well:


             O supreme Lord, you are full of fiery spirit.

            Give me fiery spirit.

            You are vigor; give me vigor.

            You are strength; give me strength.

            You are discipline; give me discipline.

            You are conquering might; give me conquering might. 


I’m sure you see the key:  discipline.  Mars in Leo has a natural sense of discipline.  What discipline is needed when Mars is in Leo? 

Mars in Leo hates to be wrong.  During this time we can become so fixed in our convictions and opinions that we can brook no opposition.  We’re certain we’re right!  When Mars is in Leo we need to remember humility and service, so our righteous passions and desires don’t become too overbearing to our employees and coworkers. 

Mars in Leo has a natural sense of dominion that is an assurance of success but if dominion becomes domination we will lose the loyalty of those we lead.  We must assert our authority as well as delegate authority to others.  We must share the stage and celebrate the achievements of others.  In this way we will stay in tune to the overall energies of the time.

Have a fantastic, fabulous, successful Mars in Leo cycle!