Hello, everyone.

A client called this morning with a question.  She had unexpectedly been asked to travel overseas with a celebrated expert in a field of her interest.  She is a very successful professional, well known and highly respected in her own right.  In order to take this trip she would have to be away from her business for a few weeks, as well as invest time and money.  She also had a concern whether her health could withstand the trip to a developing country. 

Chinese Opera, Beijing. (Source:Wikipedia)

Chinese Opera, Beijing. (Source:Wikipedia)

Is this an intersection between business and astrology?  You bet.  With an astrologer’s ability to look ahead to timing and trends, plus the in-depth knowledge of the person’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations from the natal chart, this was an ideal astrological question.

For my readers who are students of astrology I’ve included the key elements in parentheses below. 

The factors that played into the decision, as shown by the astrology, are factors any businessperson can relate to:

  • Health issues when traveling in a foreign country
  • Continually improving skills through educational opportunities
  • Loss of income and perhaps clients due to absence
  • Possibility of expanding services later, diversifying knowledge, leading to increased income later
  • Cost
  • Becoming a student when she is already an established expert in her own field
  • The need to make sudden, unexpected, and quick decisions

What did the astrology reveal?  Looking ahead to the planetary positions for the dates of her travel and comparing them with her natal chart, I could clearly see that her fears about her health while traveling were unfounded; in fact, there was likely to be a major boost to her long-term health, based on what she learned as she traveled. (Transiting Pluto in sixth opposing Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in twelfth; Jupiter/Mercury ruling sixth and twelfth)

Peruvian woman and child (Source:Wikipedia)

Peruvian woman and child (Source:Wikipedia)

What she will learn on the trip will likely have a major impact on her career, probably a life-changing realization that will invigorate her career once she assimilates it. (Transiting Pluto square Mid-heaven)

It will be an excellent time for travel overseas. (Transiting Jupiter trine natal Neptune in the fourth house)  In fact, she should take a good notebook along, as there is a good chance she can teach and/or publish based on what she learns. (Transiting Jupiter trine natal Neptune, ruling 9th house)

There are also a caution about power and giving over too much authority to another during the journey. (Transiting Jupiter opposing Pluto in the 2nd house)  So I was able to warn her to be willing to learn, expand, and change, but to hold on to her own deep knowledge and expertise.  In fact, she may teach as much as she learns!

The sudden turn of events was clearly shown in her chart, but also that she had the discrimination to make the right decision. (Transiting Saturn in Virgo in 3rd house sextile Ascendant/Uranus conjunction)  It also indicated that the teacher she was traveling with would be a task-master who would require lots of detailed focus and attention – this would be no vacation!

So, all in all, I thought it an excellent idea.  Her investment would be well-rewarded in learning, plus in long-term career enhancement.  The decision, of course, is her own; I’m not sure at this point what she will decide.  But I thought I would share an example of how an astrological advisor can support a businessperson’s decision making.