Apparent retrograde motion of Mars in 2003. (Source:Wikipedia)

Apparent retrograde motion of Mars in 2003. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hi, everyone.

After last week’s post on Mars in Leo, one of my readers asked me, why is Mars in Leo for so long, when it was only in Cancer for two months?

Mars’ orbit around the Sun takes two years, which leads us to think of an average of two months in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.  But every two years, Mars spends 72 days in retrograde motion.  Retrograde motion occurs when, from our vantage point here on earth, a planet appears to move in the opposite direction from its normal path.

This retrograde motion plus the normal direct motion causes Mars to spend a considerably longer time in one sign every two years.  Last time Mars was in retrograde motion was in 2007 in the sign Cancer, this time it will be retrograde in Leo, and in 2011 it will be retrograde in Virgo.  So every two years we get to spend an extended period of time diving into the energy of Mars in each subsequent sign.

During this cycle, Mars will be in the sign of Leo from mid-October 2009 until the beginning of June 2010.  Then it will resume its shorter and less effective stays in each sign.  So let’s look a little deeper into the meaning of this cycle to ascertain how to best use the energies in our business.

Mars, the Warrior

Mars is the energy of desire and will.  Mars is that within us and within all of life that reaches out to take what we want.  As a pure energy it is not tempered by caring for others or societal expectations.  Every action of your day is infused by the energy of Mars, from the impulse to rise from bed in the morning, to leaving your desk for a cup of coffee, to putting energy into your latest project.

Mars has been likened to the young warrior, the member of the tribe who needs a challenge, needs a fight, needs a hunt in order to expend its energy in productive ways.  In our times it is the energy of the entrepreneur, the energy to start something, the virile push that takes action and makes things happen. 

In the best case scenario, when Mars is in Leo, the young warrior has matured and become the king.  The impulsivity and action for action’s sake has been tempered by nobility of purpose and caring for others.  In our business lives, this may translate into young warriors of either sex moving into leadership positions, which they hold with dignity.

The other end of the spectrum may also exhibit itself.  This is the young warrior plotting to usurp the throne before he/she has the wisdom to handle the position well.  Mars in a fire sign, Leo, can indicate a fairly ruthless climbing and striving to overthrow the established authority.

This will lead to a heightened competitive atmosphere that will be with us for the next eight months.  How will you handle it?  As the wise and benevolent monarch who rules because of his innate poise and self-esteem or as the young warrior trying to prove his right to the throne?

With Mars in Leo, nothing will be done in the dark.  The spirited drives from the warrior elements around us are not underhanded; all of the actions are out in the light.  So as long as we are paying attention and noticing what is going on around us, it’s not easy to be fooled.

The Warrior in You

And of course, the warrior energy may be coming from you!  We will all feel the influence of Mars in Leo.  It will be more comfortable for some and less comfortable for others.  Some of us, especially those with their natal Mars in Fire or Air Signs, like to take on challenges, whether from within or without.  Others of us, those with our natal Mars in Earth or Water Signs, prefer a more passive or more relational arena for action.  (If you don’t know what sign your natal Mars is in, see the sidebar to request your chart.)

It’s worthwhile for all of us to at least try to take up the energy of Mars in Leo, especially since it will be with us for so long.  It will be the modus operandi for the activity around us, so we should try taking up the torch.  What is the torch when Mars is in Leo?  Making our own light shine with dignity and strength.  Leading with steadiness and authority.  Throwing ourselves into creative activities.  Securing and enjoying the limelight.  Harnessing the power to move ourselves to the top of our field of endeavor.

Some Goals and Objectives

Take some time to set a few goals and objectives that will help you take advantage of this cycle.  Some examples may be:

  • I will enter my design into the regional competition
  • I will take a course in Leadership
  • I will pick an up-and-coming employee and promote and mentor her
  • I will undertake a project that will push me into the limelight
  • I will toot my own horn, knowing that my competitors are tooting theirs too

Enjoy this cycle.  I look forward to hearing from you as we all learn to take advantage of this energy of Mars in Leo.  Let’s inspire each other by listing a goal we’re setting in the comments section.  Let’s see – mine is:  I will look for an opportunity for an article I write to be featured on someone else’s blog.

What’s yours?