North Shore, Oahu, oil on panel painting by Lionel Walden, c. 1915.

North Shore, Oahu, oil on panel painting by Lionel Walden, c. 1915.

This morning when I woke up I could hear the sea.  I live just steps from the sea, but I can’t view it from my home.  But when the tide is in, and the sea is big, I hear it well.  When I woke my first thought was, ahh, Neptune!  Neptune resumed direct motion yesterday and it was as if she was whispering, wake up!  Wake up!

This beloved planet, the Muse, went into retrograde motion at the end of May at 26 degrees of Aquarius.  It has regressed to 23 degrees and won’t be covering new ground until after it returns to the position it was in when it went retrograde.  So in a sense we’re still covering old ground until late February and now’s our chance to get it right! 

Common Ground

Neptune in Aquarius is concerned with finding common ground through ideas, technology, and invention.  You can expect that the door to inspiration will open again in these areas now; you will have more understanding of what your customers and clients desire; and you will have better ideas about how to use your personal inspiration and creativity in ways that serve people and further your business goals.

Neptune can be subtle, though, and she often speaks to us in impressions, dreams, daydreams, synchronicities, and through our senses.  She is completely free and generous, yet she doesn’t make herself available on demand.  It’s like we have to maintain an open space in our mind and then, often when we least expect it, whoosh, the exact missing piece.

Celebrating Neptune

I thought I would celebrate Neptune today by recording an audio version of a favorite prior post on the planet.  And just to try something new, I’m going to try to put an audio background of the sounds I heard this morning.  We’ll see how it goes.  Let me know what you think! Neptune in Aquarius – Inspired Minds