Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)


Hello, everyone.

This is a week of action, dominated by square angles among the planets in the sky which translates into stress and high drama here on earth.  Squares indicate problems in our businesses that need to be resolved, and although uncomfortable, these planetary placements give us the energy to address them.


On Monday we have the third quarter Moon.  To use a gardening analogy, we don’t generally plant during the waning phase of the Moon, but rather use this time for bringing prior labor to fruition and collecting the harvest.  The only planting recommended at this time is for root vegetables, those that develop under the earth.  For us, that means this is the time to finish and perfect any project you began since October 17, the last new Moon.  It is, however, a good time begin projects that take a long time to grow and which need to develop extensive behind-the-scenes networks before they come to fruition.


On Tuesday we meet the first planetary square of the week, between the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius.  The problem here is between our need as leaders and business owners to work in a focused way behind the scenes on pressing financial or interpersonal matters and a powerful pull toward exciting collaborative projects that can revolutionize our businesses.  This may lead to over commitment and exhaustion if we try to do too much.  One step at a time is the key to managing our day today.


Wednesday is a Mercury day with a very early morning trine to Uranus and a square to Neptune later in the day.  Mercury represents our intellects and communications of all kinds, and in the sign Scorpio our minds tend to be focused and deep.  The new, the technological, the innovative, represented by Uranus, will flow into our thoughts in a naturally beneficial way today.

Later, this same tendency for deep and focused thinking may run into problems.  What was so clear earlier in the day may become confusing and distorted as you try to communicate your insight to others.  Keep at it though; your ideas will be honed through collaboration and your effort to reach common ground.


On Saturday you could join with others for a specific social or humanitarian cause with the Sun trine Uranus.  You are ready to change and improve your leadership style and bring more diversification and innovation to your business.  Read the post on Cisco Systems for ideas and inspiration.  One caveat:  don’t just think today, act!


OK, here we go.  On Sunday we experience the first of three contacts between Saturn and Pluto, what I call the “Clash of the Titans”.  We will be under the influence of this square until August 2010 and during this time we, and the rest of the planet, will be moved firmly out of our comfort zones and be required to change.  This is a time of active engagement for each one of us, no longer relying on someone else to address our problems.  We’re talking about collective evolution and social justice here, no small concepts.  I’ll address this in more detail later in the week, so stay tuned.

Don’t overreact, though.  We’ve got some time to deal with this and on Sunday there is also a Sun/Neptune square which may lead to mistakes and errors in judgment.  Remain open to input from others and inspiration from your Muse, but understand that there are likely to be unknown factors which could cloud the issues today.


As always, let me know how your week unfolds.