A picture of Uranus taken by Voyager 2 as it headed to Neptune (Source:Wikipedia)

A picture of Uranus taken by Voyager 2 as it headed to Neptune (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

I couldn’t let today pass without a few words about the planet Uranus.  This is a special day for this planet as it is stationary, at a standstill, today, before resuming direct motion.  When a planet makes its station, it is particularly powerful.

I can really feel it, can you?  I’m writing this at about 3:14pm and it is exactly stationary at 3:27pm.   When I first sat down to write I was following my usual routine – review what my teachers have to say, examine a few charts with prominent Uranus energy, and then apply my findings to business life.  However, I couldn’t concentrate at all!  In one ear and out the other, no retention whatsoever.  I was also interrupted more times than I can count, and even interrupted myself to take care of a matter I had forgotten.

Yes, disruptive, chaotic Uranus.  Haven’t you felt the times when your normal thinking processes just aren’t working as they should be?  It’s like your mind is too open, the usual boundaries and limitations just not in their places.

What limits us?

We’re used to thinking of Saturn as the boundary of the conscious ego, that point of contraction that protects us against the onslaught of the unknown.  However today it occurs to me that the Jupiter energy is also limiting.  Jupiter represents the part of us that is wise and generous.  How can this be a limitation?  Can knowledge be a limitation?  Yes, when what we know closes us off from what we don’t know.  Have you ever had absolute conviction about something, and then discovered you were wrong?  Have you ever known for sure the correct path to follow and then found yourself lost half way down it?

Can generosity be a limitation?  I’ll let you think about this one, but I’d say yes, when it bars someone from their independence, or causes them to doubt their own abilities.

Saturn restricts and limits based on fear and Jupiter restricts and limits based on knowledge and generosity.  They both try to protect us against Uranus and the other outer planets, Neptune and Pluto – these alien energies that are so unlike our normal, day-to-day reasoning. 

The moment of Truth

Uranus has been called the planet of Truth, and it often brings a moment of truth that breaks through our social conditioning and opens a vista of new possibilities.  Today is such a day and this moment is such a moment.

Uranus will be making its station until December 6.  Try tuning into the unknown, discover, experiment, attempt something new.  Take a risk.  Listen to an original beat.  Try not knowing.