Hello, everyone.

The recent news about Oprah Winfrey cancelling her daytime talk show in 2011 after twenty-five years started me thinking about Oprah.  Certainly one of the most successful businesspeople of our time, I thought I would examine her chart from the point of view of business.  Oprah’s early childhood challenges are well-known and well-represented in her astrology chart, and her personal charisma and creativity is also worthy of analysis, but since this is a business blog, let’s look at what her chart tells us about her as a business woman.  Maybe we’ll learn something we can use!

Profitable Relationships

You may be thinking, where does all her good fortune come from?  In her chart it is clearly shown in two ways.  First, Oprah was born with the Sun and Venus exactly together in the sign of the humanitarian, Aquarius.  This means that her basic drives and leadership style (Sun) are merged with her social instincts (Venus).  This translates into a business style in which she is happy to work with colleagues and employees and to maintain long-term professional relationships.  We can see this in her employee turnover rate of 10-15% and her top executive team average tenure of eleven years.  This ability to relate personally to her team lends stability to her business organization and allows her freedom for her creative and philanthropic work.

With the Sun in Aquarius, her leadership style is decentralized and collaborative.  She encourages input from her colleagues and staff and makes decisions by consensus.  And with Venus in Aquarius she is concerned about the happiness and well-being of her staff and associates.

Winfrey chartThe Sun/Venus conjunction also contributes to extremely abundant financial outcomes.  She established Harpo Productions at age 32, having recognized the potential to bring to market a commodity (Venus) based on her own identity (Sun).  Since 1986, Harpo Productions has grown to 400 employees from the original 8. 

Generosity and Opportunity

Oprah also has Jupiter, the planet of generosity, opportunity, and benevolence, at the top of her chart, in the sector of public recognition and public acclaim.  This is an extremely fortunate position – it’s like a guardian angel sits above her and shines its light on her life.  It provides very public opportunities for communicating, learning, and teaching.  This position of Jupiter is why she is known for her wisdom and trusted for her judgment.

With this Jupiter in the sign Gemini reigning at the top of her chart, she can capitalize on her multiple talents by taking her business in many directions.  There has been television, film, magazines, radio, writing, book publishing, online ventures, and most recently her own cable network,  “OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network”.  Jupiter does everything LARGE and has a penchant for travel and foreign locations.  The Oprah Winfrey show is broadcast to 145 countries all over the world.

Oprah’s Moon is in Sagittarius, opposite her Jupiter.  This indicates someone who, although comfortable in the limelight, has a genuine emotional need to be inspired and to inspire others.  She is independent and unafraid to rework her methods.  Comfortable with change and growth herself, she expects her employees to change and grow along with her.

Ambition and Privacy

Oprah has Saturn in Scorpio, in stressful aspect to the Sun/Venus conjunction.  It is challenging for her to share and be open about her business dealings with others and she has had to learn to trust her advisors.  She is extremely ambitious and probably began her business life with a strong fear of betrayal.  It is well-known that all employees must sign a perpetual confidentiality agreement as a condition of working for her.  But this also indicates absolute and heartfelt loyalty to those who are protective of her.  Saturn in Scorpio gives keen common sense to handling finances and though seeming generous, she is probably extremely careful and aware of the impact of her financial dealings on others.

Mars indicates energy and will power, and placed in Scorpio gives deep reserves of steady energy.  It is well known that in her earlier years she would work 16-18 hour days and not tolerate anything less from her staff.  She has had to learn that not everyone shares the same level of energy she has, and to let her staff abide by more reasonable hours.  Mars in Scorpio also indicates someone who has the drive to rise to any occasion, especially situations of crisis and high drama.

Communications and Tech

With Mercury in Aquarius she is extremely intelligent with a penetrating focused mind.  Deeply effective at communications, with this placement she is also comfortable with the leading edge of technology.   Diane Mermigas notes in her blog post, The Real Digital Drama Behind Oprah’s Move from Broadcast TV, that the real reason Winfrey is leaving her show is to put her “digital tech savvy” to work in cable TV by being the first to integrate interactivity and virtual communications.

As Mercury is the ruler of her Ascendant, Virgo, she is detail-oriented, practical and comfortable with facts and figures.  She thrives on the day-to-day aspect of work.  What some call the daily grind, she finds stimulating.  So she has been able to put in long hours with a sense of pushing into new territory and making a difference to people’s lives through her business.

What a business person!  Oprah has translated her business smarts into one of the wealthiest and most successful people in America.  Yet her common sense, perseverance, willingness to stay current with technology, and her belief in her team make her a role model for all people in business.