The scales of balance. (Source:Wikipedia)

The scales of balance. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

It seems like every business article I read these days is talking about collaboration.  This seems apropos to Saturn in Libra.  In prior posts we’ve been assessing the current transit of Saturn through Libra which began at the end of October and will continue for the next two years.  (See the category at the right.)

When I saw this word “collaboration” again today I thought I’d look it up in the dictionary.  What I found surprised me.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language posts two definitions for “collaborate”:

             1.  To work together, especially in a joint intellectual effort.

             2.  To cooperate treasonably, as with an enemy occupying one’s country.

We’re all familiar with the first, but did you know the second?  Both definitions represent Saturn in Libra and they are each worth watching for as they impact your business.

Joint Intellectual Effort

Libra is an air sign and air signs are concerned with “joint intellectual effort”, as in the first definition above.  Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and addresses our growing awareness of the need to interact and cooperate with others in order to further our personal development and business success.  Marriage and other unions are the province of Libra, as well as business alliances and partnerships.  Diplomacy, skill in negotiating alliances, is a key trait of Libra.

When Saturn is in Libra, there are two distinct ways this desire for interrelationship can be expressed.  The first is like the first definition above: a serious committed undertaking with another or a team.  Saturn is exalted in Libra, which means that its usual tendency to constrict receives a breath of fresh air and can bring seriousness and maturity without an authoritarian stamp.  Saturn brings wisdom to the table in a way that supports combined efforts, and removes lack of commitment and Libra’s tendency to vacillate.

You may well see this is your business relationships.  Are you noticing a new seriousness in your alliances and partnerships, and a sense of realism about the direction your business needs to take to insure success?  With my clients I have seen a renewed interest in budgeting and a seriousness about getting legal and contract issues in writing and signed by all parties.  It’s been interesting to see people with an independent attitude suddenly become much more sober about working things out with the people around them.  And some of this has been hard work!  I have witnessed wrenching discussions, coming to agreements, and yes, collaboration, haven’t you?

 To Cooperate Treasonably?

The second definition above is startling though.  We’re used to thinking of collaboration as a mutually beneficial relationship to some benign end.  But to cooperate treasonably with the enemy?  Unfortunately this is also a manifestation of Saturn in Libra.

When Saturn is in Libra situations come into our life with difficult lessons about loyalty and cooperation.  Saturn can play the employee who betrays you.  Saturn can be the competitor who undercuts you.  Saturn can be that notice from the government that the auditor is coming.  Saturn can be the partner who is demanding accountability from you or the virus that infects your network.  These are the negative faces of Saturn in Libra:  Saturn the taskmaster spurring your progress through challenging situations with others.

Two Faces

So be on the lookout for both kinds of collaboration.  The first is the antidote for the second.  If you’re running into the negative face of Saturn in Libra, collect a loyal team around you and accept their guidance.  That’s how to maintain the balance that is the goal of Libra.