Hello, everyone.

Uranus is the topic these days, as it’s ending its seven year sojourn through Pisces and is about to enter a new sign, Aries, in May.  As I was thinking about Uranus this morning I ended up thinking about Saturn.  Saturn is the furthest planet that can be seen with our naked eye and Uranus is the next one out, the first planet discovered with a telescope.  In order to meet Uranus you have to pass the gatekeeper, Saturn.

Saturn needs Uranus


Since Saturn has been known since ancient times as it travelled through the skies, astrologers usually talk about Saturn forming a boundary between what is known and what is unknown, between the traditional and the new, between the personal and the collective.  If Saturn is very strong in your chart or the chart of your business then it brings a disciplined focus and relentless pursuit of your goals.  It also brings patience and the understanding that some things take time in order to manifest. 

But in order to succeed we also need access to the flow of innovation and inspiration, the creative new ideas that spring from our deeper self and form our next business strategies.  Saturn can be an ally in both directions, with one face guarding our personal lives from being overwhelmed by unconscious eruptions and one face guarding our more enlightened selves from constantly being buried in mundane life.

And Uranus needs Saturn

To explain let’s return to Uranus.  Uranus brings lightning fast flashes of insight.  It represents the part of your mind that works light years faster than your normal thinking processes.  But if your mind is undisciplined, endlessly chattering, and cannot become still, then you can’t catch these flashes of insight, flashes that can change your life and take your business in startling new directions.

What is all this chatter?  If you think about it, the constant activity in your mind is generated by all of the personal factors in your life, symbolized by the personal planets:  your feelings, ambitions, desires, activities, body aches, to-do lists, obligations, things you need to remember, etc., etc., etc.  These currents can easily drown out the subtleties communicated from our more transcendent selves. 

All this noise has to somehow be contained, at least temporarily, in order to “hear” the whisperings of our own brilliance.  Saturn can function as this container.  Just as Saturn sometimes blocks input from the your more spiritually attuned side, this energy can also help to block the clutter from your daily life from pouring into and filling up the empty space, the space necessary for inspiration.

De-cluttering your mind

Saturn, with its propensity for systems and processes, functions as the gatekeeper in both directions.  If we are constantly overwhelmed by daily life, how can we step into the stream of consciousness where our best and most original ideas are born?  Some might say meditation is the cure, but meditation becomes possible only when we’ve learned to drop our fascination with our personal activities.  Since the gifts of clarity, invention, and innovation are fundamental to business success, let’s explore how we all stay open.  How do you de-clutter your mind? 

One system I’ve learned is from Julia Cameron’s work called Morning Pages.  Morning Pages are three pages of freehand and free-mind writing each morning, a totally uncensored download, just keeping the hand moving over the paper.  This writing provides a sort of meeting place where daily concerns get aired which opens space for insight.  It frees my mind from stickiness, and also often lures original business ideas onto the page.

What do you do?  Do you have a system that creates a space empty enough to receive inspiration?  How do you do it?  Let us all know in the comments section.

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