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Some random thoughts today.

U.S. Tax Day

In the U.S., April 15th is the day income tax returns are due.  This message may be late for many of you but a warning:  this year be extremely conservative and careful with your return.  I wouldn’t venture too far into any grey areas; stick to the white side of the line.  Astrologically I’m saying this because of the tension this year of the Cardinal T-square between Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn.

I’ve seen several cases where federal and state governments are aggressively pursuing taxpayers on the most minor issues.  I believe they are trying every way they can to fill their coffers.  Their potential bankruptcy is one of the impacts of Pluto in Capricorn and since that transit is affecting all of us we may be tempted to lighten our own economic turmoil with a little sleight of hand with our tax returns.  Not this year!  Walk the straight and narrow.  This will keep you out of trouble.

Here’s an article on audit red flags, IRS Audit:  How to Avoid One.  If you claim any of these deductions, make sure you’ve documented them completely.  http://moneywatch.bnet.com/saving-money/article/irs-audit-how-to-avoid-one/406206/

Do You Know Your Score?

Since we’ve been examining Uranus lately and will continue to do so, I want to make sure you’ve found your way to Donna Cunningham’s scoring technique.  She assigns point values to various chart factors to see if you are strongly influenced by a planet.

Do you know your score?  Visit  “How Strong is Your Uranus?  Here’s the Score.”  She also has tests for the other outer planets.  If you know which planets are strongest, then we can discuss how to take advantage of your strengths, and what weaknesses to watch for, to bring success to your business.

Let’s experiment!

This month we’re testing an astrological theory.  This theory states that on the day a planet changes signs or changes direction there is often an event in your life that symbolizes the change in energy.  Is this true?  Let’s all conduct the experiment.  These are the dates to watch, with maybe one day before and one day after.  I’ve added a general category of experience but I don’t want to bias your observation. 

If you notice something, please share it in the comments.  And null answers are as important as positive ones:  in other words, let us know if nothing happened too. 

April 2 – Mercury enters Taurus                                 Communications

April 6 – Pluto turns retrograde                                  Disclosure

April 7 – Saturn retrograde enters Virgo                 Rules, regulations

April 18 – Mercury turns retrograde                         Communications

April 19 – Sun enters Taurus                                     Leadership or vision

April 25 – Venus enters Gemini                                   Relating

This means that today or tomorrow we’re looking for a communications event that signals something new.  Anything yet?

New Blogroll

Have you noticed I develop a blogroll?  Look to the right toward the bottom of the site to see some astrologers and blogs I’ve been following that I really like.

Want to write a blog post?

Next week I’m going to London for three weeks and when I return in May I’m moving across the country (again).  While I’m going to do my best to keep up with my blogging, I’m sure there will be days I’ll miss.  Are you an astrologer who would love to write on a business topic?  Or a business person who would like to share an experience you think would help everyone?  I’d love to feature your work sometime in the next month or two.  Contact me at Ellen@astro4business.com.

Don’t forget. If you have an astrology-related business question (or a business-related astrology question) send it to me at ellen@astro4business.com. I’ll answer it in these posts, anonymously of course, and we can all learn from each other’s experiences. I look forward to it! Have a question now? Email it and let’s get started!