Hello, everyone.

I’ve been immersing myself in the topic of humor all morning, and it’s been quite an expedition.  Come along with me in a celebration of National Humor Month – April 2010.

Falstaff by Eduard von Grutzner. (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

This journey was sparked listening to NPR this morning.  They had interviewed Carol Burnett and for those old enough to remember her famous Tarzan yell from her TV show in the sixties and seventies, she displayed it loud and clear, at 77 years of age no less!  She had to warn the interviewer to stand back there was still so much gusto in her. If you’d like to hear the story, here’s the link.

Who’s funny?

I decided to look up her astrology chart.  I’ve been wondering for a couple of weeks now what the astrological markers are for people with a healthy sense of humor.  I thought there must be strong Venus (happiness) and Mercury (communications) in the chart of comedians.  Sure enough Carol Burnett has a very prominent Venus conjunct her Sun, and a prominent Mercury, rising in the first house.  But she also had a conjunction of Jupiter, joviality, and Neptune, emotional connection.  Hmmmmmm.

So then I thought I’d look at a few more comedians to see if there were similarities.  I looked at Ellen Degeneres next.  And she also had a Sun/Venus conjunction!  Now two out of two doesn’t make a statistical study, but it was a pretty ripe coincidence.  And, (now it gets good), a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction!  Very interesting.   Two out of two, twice!

So I thought I’d look at a man’s chart, so I chose Robin Williams, for no real reason except his chart is available.  Robin Williams has a prominent Mercury, right at the top of the chart, and a prominent Venus in the house of career.  But, wait for it, he also had a Jupiter/Neptune aspect, this time an opposition.  That’s three out of three for the Jupiter/Neptune connection.

OK, who else?  I looked at Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and Lucille Ball…and my hypothesis sort of fell apart.  They all have prominent Venus and Mercury, and strong Jupiter and Neptune but not in the elegant aspect relationships of the first three.  But I did notice something else, a prevalence of the earth element in each of the six charts.  Each comedian either had many planets in earth signs, Carol Burnett, Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and Lucille Ball, or the earth in their chart was highlighted through aspects to other planets.  And Virgo, stodgy, prudish, intellectual Virgo, was the strongest earth sign of all.  Very funny.

Googling funny

Anyway, continuing my journey, I Googled “role of humor in business or workplace,” where I found a hilarious posting by The Department of the Treasury soliciting qualified contractors to present “Humor in the Workplace” presentations to their staff.   Hilarious to me because of the dead seriousness of the their stated outcomes, including the following:  Participants shall experience demonstrations of cartoons being created on the spot. The contractor shall have the ability to create cartoons on the spot about BPD jobs. The presenter shall refrain from using any foul language during the presentation. This is a business environment and we need the presenter to address a business audience.

I found several pieces on ways to use humor to increase business.  This one I particularly liked:  Workplace Humor.  It talks about how the use of humorous signs and advertising took a flea-bag motel to a roaring business success. And this blog, Mad Kane’s Political Madness, is priceless; she blogs about political and business events and writes limericks like the following:

Ode To John “Pants On Fire” McCain
By Madeleine Begun Kane

There once was a man named McCain,
The Republicans’ “maverick” bane.
He wore the term proudly
And touted it loudly.
But now it’s a primary pain.

So he’s claiming he never did use it,
Though we know that he’d often abuse it.
But he’s feeling the sting
Of the nutty right-wing,
So with lies he’s attempting to lose it.


That’s all the time I had, but it was fun to celebrate the month of humor.  For some amusing astro-humor, check out these blogs:

Random Funny Astrology Bits by Neeti Ray

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And You Thought Pluto Wasn’t Funny by Donna Cunningham

Have a few laughs!

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