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When the Moon and Sun align in the sky that’s the New Moon and that’s today. In business terminology, the Sun represents you, the leader, and the Moon represents your team and your customers. When everyone’s on the same page a lot can be accomplished and in Aries, there is such an uprising of energy no one can stop it.  And yet, there continue to be obstacles and resistance. 

Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter, in the form of your business advisors and colleagues, all want to chime in today, telling you to look back, that there’s still life in some of those old ideas.  And there may be.  But today your entrepreneurial spirit wins and you can’t resist the new idea, the new product launch, the new location, or the whole new business concept. 

You do have support from Neptune in Aquarius, so get your team together for some imaginative mind-mapping.  Later today the Moon enters Taurus for a couple of days.  Today’s ideas can be uncensored; tomorrow you can narrow them down to what’s practical. 

Keep it passionate!

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