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Taurus Moon all day today.  Taurus focuses our attention on what is reliable, doable, and practical.  The Taurus energy takes the ideas generated by Aries and begins to bring them into form.  This energy is good for product development and establishing a customer base.  Oh, yes, and stowing away a little cash for the future.  Practicality, persistence, and patience are the keywords of the day. 

Very early in the morning, EDT, the Moon and Pluto exchange energies.  This will give you a very deep understanding of exactly what you need to do to push your product into the market and gain a foothold.  This knowledge comes from the depths of your Soul so you can trust it completely – that is if you’re awake enough to catch it!

A little later though, with the Moon challenging Mars, your staff may be aggressive and competitive with each other, or maybe you’re the one who finds it hard to control your temper.  People are caught up in their own need for recognition and it will take the patience of that Taurus Moon to bring all parties to the table.

But when it all simmers down, a Moon/Mercury alignment makes for a great meeting or sales presentation.  This is a perfect time to pitch a new product or take a short buying trip.  It’s also ideal for taking time to chip away at an intractable problem – you’ll have the persistence to stick with it until you resolve it.

Keep it practical!

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