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Good Day!

The Moon continues its waxing journey through Taurus, inviting us to continue to solidify the inspiration we gained at the New Moon on Wednesday.

Early in the day Venus and Jupiter, both indulgent and extravagant, put us in the mood for a little Friday relaxation, maybe getting a jump on the weekend.  Why don’t you meet for coffee with some business associates or a few of your staff so you can pretend you’re working?  And why don’t you pay?  Generosity leads to opportunity this morning.  Actually it always does; it’s just tangible this morning.

Later in the day it’s another story.  The Sun in Aries is exasperated with the methodical Moon in Taurus and with Neptune on the scene we run into inconsistent advice that leaves us confused and uncertain.  Someone we trusted may lack discretion or come up with a bizarre suggestion.  Don’t give in to impractical fixes no matter how impatient you feel.

The day ends with the Moon sextile Uranus.  Surround yourself with friends and associates you trust; they’ll help you to discriminate what has real traction and what’s just a diversion.

Keep it realistic!

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