Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

A little different format this week, because, well, that’s the nature of the week!


This is our first full week with Mercury retrograde.  Here are a couple of Mercury retrograde quotes I really liked:

This is from an artist I follow on Twitter.  She’s wasn’t specifically referring to Mercury retrograde, but she expressed it well anyway:

“Working on images & ideas for various exchange projects. (One brain with too many ideas equals a creative brain freeze.)”

I love that image for Mercury retrograde, “brain freeze.”

And this quote from Ray Merriman, at Merriman Market Analyst.  He’s speaking about investing, but we can all take this advice to heart in our businesses over the next three weeks:

“Mercury retrograde is never an easy time to trade. What is spoken or intended, and what is heard and understood, are oftentimes not the same thought. It would be wise to repeat what you thought you heard, or said, just to make sure you are understood, especially if talking to your broker. Those who rely upon technical studies for guidance are encouraged to remember that such studies tend to be unreliable at this time. Buy and sell signals are more frequently “fake outs.””


Venus is very active this week with three major aspects, a change of sign, and the Sun also transitioning into Venus-ruled Taurus.  Venus rules our social instincts and long-term professional relationships.  Public relations, design, and marketing are also influenced by her.  And when she is in Taurus, she is very focused on actual material security.

On Tuesday the Sun enters Venus-ruled Taurus.  This is the time to bring our ideas down-to-earth.  You should push those ideas generated when the Sun was in Aries into implementation.  Register the name, open the bank account, obtain financing, set up the legal structure.  Begin to make it real.

On Friday and Saturday, Venus gets involved with the Saturn/Uranus opposition which is exact the following Monday.  But before she does, she meets up with Neptune.  Venus with Neptune can lead to confusion and over-impressionability.  If you’re confused your judgment may be temporarily weakened, which could lead to purchases or agreements you will regret. 

But later she comes into harmonious relationships with Saturn and Uranus, who are poised at a stand-off.  If you’re experiencing an either/or situation, this is a good time to allow someone else to negotiate between the two parties.  These are the best days all month to come to a reasonable, practical solution to a long-standing dilemma.

On Sunday, coming off the win/win of Friday and Saturday, Venus enters Gemini.  This takes our eye off of practical creativity and on to enlisting others to help.  Just be careful that too much chatting doesn’t dissipate your energy so that you don’t get anything done…

…Especially with Mercury squaring Mars that day.  Mercury retrograde in Taurus pulls your mind toward the past, digging around in the dirt to see what you may have missed that still has value.  Mars in Leo wants to surge ahead and promote yourself and your business.  You may feel pulled in these two directions, or members of your team may act it out.  What to do?  Both viewpoints are valid and need to have their place.

And then the week ends with the Sun in Venus-ruled Taurus getting together with Pluto in Capricorn for a powerful pow-wow.  Try to take time on Sunday to tune in to your own determination to finally overcome an entrenched but useless attitude or intention.  It may be subtle, so “dig down deep.”  If you can unearth what’s holding you back, the insights will support you throughout the year.

That’s it for the week!  For day to day guidance, check out Astro4Business Today, here each day Monday through Friday.

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