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Good Day!

I’m afraid things could be challenging this Monday.  The Moon in the last degrees of Gemini forms difficult aspects with that Saturn/Uranus opposition which is building to exact next Monday.  The Moon brings the pressure of this opposition to the surface as we try to reconcile our need for breakthrough with the risk aversion we’ve adopted lately.  Later the Moon passes into Cancer, which it rules, but immediately runs into the force field of Pluto.

The saving grace is an early morning (EDT) trine to Neptune which feeds us information in our sleep.  Keep pen and paper at hand and if you wake up while dreaming, write it down even if it makes no sense.  Inspiration is there, but it may be hard to capture.

The Moon is in the waxing phase known as the Crescent Moon phase.  This is the time of emergence; the ideas generated at the New Moon have taken root and are visible now.  If there’s a new project underway, hopefully we’ve set up the books and obtained the necessary permissions.  With the support of the Gemini Moon of the last couple of days, we have our accountant and lawyer on board, and our social networks have been informed of our new endeavor.

Now as the Moon moves into Cancer, we move toward a major “make or break” point.  We’ve gotten far enough into the new project to get feedback from customers and employees, and this is feedback we may not want to hear.  Is the idea still viable?  What needs to change to move it to the next level?  Do we have all the expertise we need or do we need to sub out pieces of it?

On top of all this, with the Moon in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn today, the major powers in our business lives, like banks and insurance companies and the government seem to want more than their fair share.  Try to apply the Cancer qualities of receptivity, flexibility, and responsiveness to the needs of your customers.  If you can, you’ll move forward with relative ease.

Keep it fluid.

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