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Good Day!

After Monday, Tuesday will be a piece of cake.  And actually that’s a good way to celebrate the Sun moving into Taurus today.  Ruled by Venus, Taurus is sweet and is fond of sweets.  How about bringing donuts or muffins to work?

OK.  Now that the Sun has moved into Taurus it’s time to get down to business.  Aries is all about inspiration and action, but it takes the Taurus energy to build something.  The Taurus Sun solidifies our efforts and knows how to conserve energy for the long haul.  Sometimes it’s difficult to get going in Taurus; the desire for rest and indulgence are strong.  But once you get the bull moving, it never stops.  So find a way to rouse yourself and your troops and then watch real progress unfold.

The waxing Cancer Moon lends sensitivity and emotional awareness to the day which can be very valuable for connecting to your employees and the public.  And today’s Moon forms harmonious aspects to Mercury and Jupiter.

Mercury rules our thought processes and communication skills and Jupiter rules wisdom, strategy, and the long view.    Even with Mercury retrograde, it’s a good day to look ahead and plan your future.  Just be sure to look back first and decide what from the past should be carried ahead.

And since both Mercury and Jupiter are connected to the mind, let’s look quickly at a management tip from Harvard Business Review.  Speaking about keeping the brain healthy they give three quick tips I have paraphrased:

      1.   Multi-layered thinking, problem-solving, and socializing are good exercises for the brain.

      2.   Seeking new ideas and people who challenge you to think in new ways is good for the brain.

      3.   The best exercise for the brain is, well, exercise.  The brain needs oxygen and blood flow.

So today, keep it flowing.

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