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Good Day!

The day begins with the Moon in sensitive Cancer, but by lunch (EDT) it enters childlike, creative, playful Leo.

During the first few hours of the day, with the Moon aspecting Venus, Neptune, and Uranus, you may have difficulty reconciling your dreams, your desires, and the information coming from friends and colleagues.  But then the Moon forms a harmonious aspect to Saturn in Virgo, and you’ll see how every piece fits neatly into a grid, like a perfect puzzle.

Soon after the Moon enters Leo it forms a challenging aspect to the Sun in Taurus.  This is the beginning of the 1st Quarter Lunar Phase.  This phase is marked by action and if someone is crossing you, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to clear the obstacle out of your way. 

The energy of Taurus tends to plod along, achieving success step-by-step; the Moon in Leo wants recognition NOW!  I’d say, go ahead and promote yourself, your team, and your project.  A few hours of displaying the progress you’ve made won’t really disrupt your long-term plan and may even bolster everyone’s confidence to keep going for the goal.

However, when the Moon meets up with Pluto in Capricorn toward the end of the day, you may become aware of who holds the true power in your business.  If that power is greater than you are, then it’s time to graciously retreat.

Keep it benevolent.

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