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Good Day!

The Moon continues its waxing phase in self-expressive Leo today.  It forms aspects to Mars and Mercury very early in the day (EDT) and then continues its journey free of interruptions.  After the wee hours, we can just get on with our creative work and expect smooth sailing.

The waxing Moon joining Mars lends decisiveness, quick responses, and courage.  You may be ready to take a risk on a project; today’s a good day to do it as long as you listen to what others have to say.  Because… 

A few hours later, the Leo Moon meets up with stubborn, resistant Mercury in Taurus, retrograde to boot!  But I have a feeling this is a good thing.  Especially with the Mars energy earlier you may be moving too fast, maybe even running, possibly barking at people, can’t talk now!  Too busy!  Mercury says, whoa, pace yourself.  Do you really want to trample over others to get your way?

As annoying as it may feel, it’s really not a good time for drawing lines in the sand.  With Mercury retrograde, they are likely to get washed away anyway.  That resistant person – they’re your best friend today.

Keep it cooperative!

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