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Good Day!

Well, this is one tough day with too much information and too many opinions through mid-afternoon (EDT).  The evening is very nice though.

The back-story of the first part of the day is the Moon continuing its waxing phase in Leo.  When the Moon is in Leo, we need and expect recognition and attention.  Our ideas have been good and we want the success and acknowledgement we know we deserve. And our beam is set on more progress today.

But as we go through our day we run into one disruption after another.  It’s like we’re walking down a long corridor full of our own plans for the day, and one door after another opens with someone demanding our attention. 

First we hit Jupiter, which is normally a good thing, but today people we normally trust urge us to work on connection and sensitivity.  We see ourselves as the node; they want us to be the link, instead. (Update: another manifestation of this just happened to me. Following a Twitter link, I found Keven Kelly’s excellent writing and spent over an hour exploring his work. An hour I was supposed to spend writing my own Weekly Forecast. Exploring threads of knowledge – hello, Jupiter.)

Then Venus steps in to remind us that we’re supposed to be building material security, not just our own glory.

Next someone representing Uranus, maybe a colleague we’re working with over the internet, urges us toward a joint project, or the young tech genius we just hired stops us to talk about horizontal business structures and committee leadership.

Then Saturn, in the form of our accountant, wants to sit down and look at the numbers and make a plan to meet budget this quarter.

By this time, with the Moon entering Virgo, we’ve surrendered.  It’s not going to be our day and we’re finally ready to accept it.  But as soon as we sit down to some formal analysis, Venus forms a difficult aspect to Neptune.  We are likely to feel confused and maybe even sleepy or we lack focus for the discussion.  Be careful about making financial decisions from this state!

So that’s the day until about mid-afternoon.  Even if this isn’t your exact scenario I’m sure you get the picture.

Now we get to the good part. 

The Moon which just entered Virgo moves on to form a very harmonious aspect to the Taurus Sun.  Remember, with the Sun in Taurus we are building something out of the inspiration and ideas generated recently when the Sun was in Aries.  Bricks and mortar, nuts and bolts, we’re working on making something tangible.  The Moon in Virgo this evening, and over the next couple of days, helps us get the back office set up and the support staff on board.   

But there’s nothing staid or boring about the evening:  Venus in Taurus sextile to Uranus in Pisces opens the imagination to innovation and breakthrough, especially in the areas of finances and product development.

And then the day ends with the Moon collaborating with Pluto in Capricorn.  A long-standing issue could find just the right solution, full of common sense and practical application:  a good way to end a Friday.

Enjoy your weekend, even if you’re working!

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