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Good Day!

Actually today is a great day, one of the key days of the entire year.  In the sky, the two titans Saturn and Uranus are in exact opposition to each other, the fourth out of five times this will happen in the span of two years.  Whether or not you actually experience this aspect in a tangible way today, the energy is at its maximum.  How can you make the best of it?

When I woke up this morning, the word “interstitial” was on my mind.  This isn’t a word I normally use and these early morning messages can be revealing so I wrote it down immediately and spent some time today learning about it.  I think it delivers a key meaning of the Saturn Uranus opposition.

The word actually means “in the space between” and as used in science, refers to very small spaces between very small things, like cells, and atoms, and blood vessels.  Applying this to larger spaces it seems to apply to astrology as well.  During an opposition of two planets, the planets are on opposite sides of the zodiac as seen from the Earth.  So what is “in-between” Saturn and Uranus?  We are.  We are in the interstitial space of the two planets right now.

Interstitial has come to have a related meaning in art:  embracing traditional forms while experimenting with new ones.  It is when an artist reconstructs an older genre into something that doesn’t neatly fit into the older classification nor does it define an entirely new one.  It is in-between.

This strikes me as exactly what is happening in our businesses and a perfect expression of the Saturn Uranus opposition.  I think we should adopt the word ourselves for the state we find ourselves in today. 

Obviously the traditional forms of business have not lost all value; there are still many practices that that are not only surviving but are absolutely essential.  And of course there are new models which many of us are trying, such as blog monetization and online businesses.  But I like this concept of blending, of allowing our traditional businesses to take on more and more features of the new.  We experiment with new techniques, new markets, new forms while rooting ourselves in what is already working.  We bring some of the freedom of Uranus into the Saturnian structures that have served us in the past:   that’s interstitial for business!

I think this is the message of Saturn with Uranus.  Most times two planets meet as a onetime thing.  Sometimes, because of retrograde motion, they meet up three times and this indicates a longer period of learning the lessons indicated by the planets.  But when two planets meet up five times over two years there’s a major lesson to be learned and a major adjustment indicated.  Saturn, tradition; Uranus, innovation.  Have you been learning to blend the two?

I’ve been working on it myself:  Saturn rules business; Uranus rules astrology.  How about you?  I’d love to gather some examples while we’re under this influence.

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