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Good Day!

When the Moon is in Libra, as it is most of the day, we wish for harmony, justice, cooperation, and peace.  It is a time to invest in one-on-one relationships, maybe woo a new business partner or patch-up a disagreement with a colleague.

Today’s not bad for this as long as we’re willing to actually listen to what others have to say.  Sometimes when the Moon is in Libra we feel so certain that our intentions are virtuous we have a hard time accepting that there may be another just-as-valid way to get things done.

The Moon aspects Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, and Neptune in Aquarius today.  All of these are likely to bring in different points of view.  We want to focus on one challenge at a time with a trusted partner, but these three planets direct us to expand our perception and scope to include many divergent viewpoints.  It’s OK.  Once you hear everyone out, you can make the best decision.

Saturn in Virgo also affects the day demanding time for checking the details and reviewing the numbers.  As much as you want to focus elsewhere, this analysis deserves some space in your day.

So we need to focus on relationships, others want to discuss the big picture, and we also have to spend time on the details.  A full day!

Later in the day the Moon transitions into Scorpio, approaching the Full Moon tomorrow.  You may feel there are so many hands in the pot you’re losing control.  It is time for some discrimination.  Are you moving firmly toward your goals or are you allowing too much power in other peoples’ hands?   If the latter, it’s time to institute a more balanced approach.  If the former, good work!

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