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Good Day!

Today we’ll be grateful for the steadiness of the Taurus Sun, with its infinite patience and unflappability.  Taurus the Bull can carry a lot of weight and seldom reaches the breaking point.  We’ve got that gracious energy today and we’ll need it!

With the Full Moon in the money signs, Scorpio and Taurus, the Sun joining Retrograde Mercury, the Moon in harmony with Pluto (with friends like these, who needs enemies?), the Moon unhappily meeting Venus, Mercury, and Mars, this day is as full as the Moon:  full of crossed purposes, crossed signals, and crosses to bear.  Or should I say crosses laid bare, especially in the financial arena.  Almost every influence today is about finances, money, and their sister, self-worth and these issues could come to the surface with surprising impact.

Quoting from the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast:

Both Scorpio and Taurus are related to money.  Taurus rules our own finances and Scorpio rules outside resources like lenders, investors, and insurers.   This Full Moon asks you to become aware of the extent of your reliance on these outside resources and whether they are helping or hindering your own financial stability.  What is the ratio of your debt to your assets?  How is your credit rating?  How much of your monthly budget is spent on interest payments?  These issues may be perfectly in balance or they may need adjustment one way or the other.  This Full Moon brings awareness.

The best way to handle the day?  Back to that earthy Taurus Sun – practical, step-by-step addressing each issue as it arises.  Persistent progress.  A bit of rest.  A sumptuous meal (but not too filling.)  With your feet firmly connected to the earth, the other influences won’t overwhelm you.  If you keep yourself grounded, you will be the one everyone else can count on as the day unfolds.

Keep it steady.

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