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Good Day!

Today is an excellent day to continue working with this week’s Saturn Uranus opposition as the Moon in Scorpio makes favorable aspects to them both.  Look for ways to implement your new breakthrough ideas within the structures that have worked in the past.

Sometimes when the Moon is in Scorpio we feel a little mistrustful and become overly protective of ourselves and our businesses.  But today the Scorpio Moon works in harmony with Jupiter in Pisces, allowing us a more expansive and generous attitude.  Jupiter in Pisces is about connections, forming links between people and organizations, near and far.  Reach out today.

There are a couple of things to watch for though.  When Venus is in chatty, airy Gemini we don’t really enjoy serious conversations, especially about money.  We’re inclined to try this and that product design or marketing tool and then move on to the next.  We’re into talking about it, not doing it. 

But when Venus meets up with Pluto in Capricorn today we may be stopped short.  The economic downturn is still with us like a million pound piece of black granite hanging over our butterfly Venus’ schemes and dreams.  You’ll have to chat up a storm to charm your way out from under this one!

The Moon also comes into Neptune’s aura today which can put blinders over our eyes.  Matters may look rosier or more dire than they are for a few hours.  It’s a quickly passing spell but especially with Mercury still in retrograde motion, I wouldn’t agree to any new partnerships or investment deals today, no matter how sure they look!  Patience is key right now.

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