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Good Day!

Today could be an “hurry up and wait” kind of day, with two distinct and different influences.  The Sagittarius Moon, Venus in Gemini, and Mars in Leo all contribute speed, versatility, courage, and the desire to MOVE.  The Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Taurus prefer a wait and see attitude, and the desire to make steady progress toward our goals.  You may feel both within yourself or different members of your team may exhibit one or the other.

Don’t be surprised if you’re called upon to teach, train, or mentor today.  Not only is the Moon in Sagittarius, the natural sign of the teacher, but it’s also in its waning Lunar Phase, the time for sharing wisdom with others.  You’ve got a lot of insight and experience to share so be sure to let your light shine.  And not just for one or two others.  This is the day to take it to the group level, the larger the better.  With a Moon Venus opposition benefits roll in from the public sphere.

In this part of the Lunar Cycle it’s natural to want to share with others what we’ve gained.  Sometimes this translates into philanthropy.  It’s a great day to follow up and contribute to a cause you believe in. 

You’re likely to feel confident and optimistic under the Sagittarius Moon, even if nagging issues aren’t completely resolved.  “Lay your burden down” today and enjoy the sociability and warmth of the day.  Believe me, it doesn’t hurt to take a break from worry, especially on Friday, Venus’ day.

And go out tonight – with that Sagittarius Moon and Leo Mars, the forecast is fireworks!

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