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Be sure to read the Weekly Forecast if you missed it as this is a strange and rare week and today is no different.

You may feel at cross purposes with yourself today.  The Aries Moon is a time when we want to initiate something, take action, bring a spark of life to a new endeavor.  But with the Moon winding down in its last quarter it is more suited for completing something, tying up loose ends, and crossing things off your list.

Add to this the Moon’s challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and the blockage you feel may take the form of economic trouble or a parental slap-on-the-hand from your bank or the government.  It could feel like everywhere you turn there are signals of caution and restraint.  I often experience Moon/Pluto aspects as a sense of impending doom with no definable focus, just an overwhelming sense that something is wrong. 

The saving grace is that the Moon moves quickly and at least for those in the U.S., this aspect occurs in the very early morning.  You may wake with a feeling of dread, but it should pass as the day unfolds.  For my friends down under and in Asia, you may have a more direct contact with the powers that be.  If so, you will have to take action to remedy an issue that’s been lurking in the dark.  The Aries Moon will help you to address it aggressively and then move on.

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