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Good Day!

Today Mercury resumes direct motion.  Mercury represents our conscious mind and rational thinking processes and includes all forms of communication.  In ancient times Mercury was the god of commerce and is usually represented holding a purse to signify his involvement in business.  He is the god of interchange, whether monetary interchange as in business transactions or purely mental interchange as in the realm of communications.  It is this faculty that is reflected in his title as the “messenger of the gods,” as he facilitates the interchange between gods and humans.

On the day that Mercury turns direct there is often a tangible outward manifestation of his power.  Watch for that today.  You can look for a business communication that resolves a matter from the past and allows it to move forward again.  Or perhaps clarity on an idea that was born about 10 days ago and gets the go ahead today.  Or you may finally get that meeting with the client that you’ve been working on.  Let’s all watch for Mercury to make himself known and share it with everyone in the comments if you notice his presence today.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little groggy though.  In the weekly forecast I likened the few days around Mercury direct to the few minutes after you come out of a deep mediation.  It takes some time for our brain wave activity to return to its normal state of functioning.  Just like coming out of meditation, it’s good to come out of Mercury retrograde slowly, and not require the top level of mental clarity from yourself or your employees for a couple of days.

Other than Mercury, it’s a crossed purposes day in the tenor of the whole week.  The Moon in Aries fills us with energy and the desire to get something off the ground, but the Moon is waning into its darkest phase before it is New on Thursday.  It’s not the time to initiate something new.  Use the Aries energy to tie up loose ends and to bring what you’re working on to a complete close.  It could be tough to focus on these matters but you’ll thank yourself when you arrive at the true starting point later in the week.

Remember to watch for Mercury today!

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