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Today the Moon enters Taurus.  The Moon represents our moment to moment feelings, responses, and reactions to the situations we meet each day.  When the Moon is in Taurus, there is a steady consistency to our feelings and our emotional responses are stimulated to protect and provide for those in our immediate circle.

In business this plays out as a willingness to commit to our employees and a heightened regard for their material needs.  The next couple of days is a great time to have a salary conversation or to negotiate a new contract because under this Moon you feel practical as well as protective.  You don’t need to worry you’ll give away the store because your practical concern will extend to your own wallet as well.  Just wait until after the New Moon on Thursday to seal the deal.

When the Moon is in Taurus we want to achieve something tangible, to build on our past efforts, and to increase our bank accounts as well.  Money tends to be on our minds, and today, with the Moon joining Mercury and in harmony with Pluto, it’s a great day to understand how the economics of our times can lead to solid products and services that will increase your share of business. 

The key to success in your market can become obvious to you today and the Taurus Moon gives you the strength of will to doggedly pursue your goals.  You’ll have to let something go, though.  Pluto in Capricorn may require you to relinquish one practice or product in order to produce a newer one that is more resonant with these times.  Identify what is ready to die anyway, say goodbye, and move on!

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