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Good Day!

Early today your recent efforts can pay off, a nice way to end the week!  The New Moon forms harmonious aspects with Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus.  Jupiter and Saturn represent the balance between optimism and practical reality and with the Moon in steady Taurus you “bite off exactly as much as you can chew,” so to speak.  Uranus brings in the spark of genius and willingness to take a risk.  Real gains can be made, including to your bank account!

The only risk is the Moon in a challenging aspect to Neptune right in the middle of the other aspects.  This may make you vulnerable to the wishes and aspirations of others rather than staying focused on your own goals.  Or you may find yourself vacillating between the solid gains you need to make and an impractical, dreamy, yearning state.  It’s fine to give your imagination some freedom today, but it would be a shame to lose the opportunity for the tangible results the other planets provide.  Try setting a time limit to your mind’s wandering.

Later in the day the Moon leaves solid, reliable Taurus and enters chatty, relational Gemini.  The week ends with conversation, information, and a bit of travel around town.  With Mercury newly in direct motion (since Tuesday) in Taurus, you may feel things are moving a little too fast and could even feel annoyed that the pace has picked up before you’re ready.  Don’t worry:  you’ll catch up with yourself soon.

At the end of the day the Moon comes in contact with Pluto in Capricorn.  This could unearth a weighty and demanding concern, one you really don’t want to deal with on a Friday!  Let it wait; if it’s important, you can deal with it over the next couple of days.

Enjoy your weekend, if you take one!

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