Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

This is one of those BIG weeks in astrology, full of opportunity, risk, and a need to commit to balance.  There are so many important facets to the week it’s hard to pick the most significant.  The Jupiter Saturn opposition is a major one; so is the Sun moving from Taurus into Gemini and Venus moving from Gemini into Cancer.

Right now all of the five outer planets except Pluto are in the last five degrees of their respective signs.  This sets up the situation that whenever a fast-moving planet or the Sun or Moon reach the last five degrees of any sign, they hit each planet, bang, bang, bang, one after another in the period of just a few days. 

This week both the Sun and Venus exhibit this phenomenon.  These personal planets, which represent facets of our personal lives, contact the outer planets, which represent the energies of the wider world.  Our personal lives will go through a week of being impacted by energies and situations beyond our control.  So prepare yourself to meet the unexpected each day this week.


Today both the Sun and Venus meet confident, optimistic Jupiter in Pisces.  This spells opportunity through emotional connection.  Allow yourself to bond with your customers, employees, and business associates; share your own vision and really listen to theirs.  If you do, this will be one of the best days of the week.


Venus and the Sun contact Saturn today and Venus forms a harmonious aspect with Neptune.  Neptune and Saturn speak in different voices and their messages can be at odds with each other.  Neptune in Aquarius urges the loosening of boundaries and abolition of authority while Saturn in Virgo cautions us to be organized, systematic, disciplined, and especially health conscious.  See if you can blend inspiration and consensus into your established systems.  What is already in place can be a perfect container for a new development.


Today all of the action is within a few compressed hours.  First the Sun in stable, nuts-and-bolts Taurus is required to connect to our globally-influenced wide world.  Then Venus, just before she leaves chatty, relational Gemini, is confronted by Uranus in Pisces.  Venus’ social instincts in Gemini keep us focused narrowly on our local environment when Uranus crashes in with the need for collaboration with far-reaching professional relationships.

A few hours later Venus moves into Cancer, where she may want to retreat into her shell for a while.  If you feel hurt or misunderstood by the end of the day, take solace in your home and personal relationships.  The tenor of your social activity will change over the next few days and you will find your new footing soon.


Today the Sun moves into Gemini, but not before receiving great insight into how to use this last week of Uranus in Pisces to build on all the gains we’ve made in the last few years in the areas of collaboration, social media, product diversification, and new management structures. 

The Sun in Gemini leads us naturally into the communicative and jack-of-all-trades focus we’ll need over the next month to continue to implement our new projects, plans, and strategies.


Two major oppositions mark this day which will call for an earnest commitment to balance.  In the wee hours (EDT) Jupiter in Pisces opposes Saturn in Virgo.  In the later day Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn.

Jupiter gives us the desire to expand our horizons; Saturn urges us to be practical and self-protective.  These two titans form a duality that is extremely beneficial for us in business if we can keep one or the other from gaining the upper hand.  Each energy needs the other and is most successful when they are equally strong.  Today is the day you can stand in the middle and form a long-lasting strategy for measured confident expansion.  You’ll see!

This second opposition, between Venus and Pluto, may be the harder one to handle.  Venus in Cancer is intensely sensitive and personal; Pluto in Capricorn is all about the major impersonal forces of government, banking, business, economics, systems, and structures.  If these two are in balance you will sense what you need to do to support others and take care of your own.  If they are not in balance, you may feel defeated and overwhelmed by the powers that be.  Venus can hold her own; just read the situation with your intuition and rely on those who love and support you.

Have a great week!

If you’re interested in Financial Astrology, check out this wonderfully astute, if somewhat technical, look at the next few weeks:  “Merriman Market Analysis” by Ray Merriman.  He cautions us to keep our seatbelts fastened but also to expect some of the best opportunities of the year.

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