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Good Day!

This can be an absolutely excellent day, if you keep two things in mind:

  1. The Cancer Moon may cause you take things personally that are really impersonal.
  2. The authority figure requiring you to buckle down and work is doing it for your own good.

So if you can find some detachment (to address the sensitive Cancer Moon) and get down to work rather than talking all of your creativity away (to work with a difficult Venus/Saturn phase), the rest of the aspects support you completely.  The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter, the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus before she moves into Leo later in the day.  This day supports expansion, leadership and authority, discipline, and innovation all at once!

Later in the day there are two supportive aspects that will work together.  Venus in harmony with Neptune tunes your social instincts to the absolute perfect pitch.  You will truly understand the people you encounter and what makes them tick.  This is superb for business meetings of all kinds but especially for sales, marketing, fashion, or design.

Then the Sun is in harmony with Saturn.  This adds a rational, practical note along with patience and sound judgment.  And with the Sun in earth sign Taurus and Saturn in earth sign Virgo this aspect represents gains in the material world, such as finally settling an ongoing dispute to your advantage or kicking off a system or procedure you’ve been working on. 

Actually, today would be a brilliant time to begin to work with a new advisor or business partner.  With the Venus aspect to Neptune and the Sun to Saturn, your communication would be excellent, you would understand each other completely, and you would each bring a serious, focused attitude to the endeavor.

I hope you have a great day!

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