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Good Day!

Today is another really interesting day.  With the Moon waxing in Leo, we want to strut our stuff, display our creativity, wow them.  But we run the risk of stepping on people’s toes if we expect too much too soon or we take all of the credit.  The Moon is in challenging aspects to Mercury and Pluto, both of which demand us to be more down to earth in our vision.  OK, point well taken.  Try to exhibit the practical application, not just the beauty of the idea.

Then we meet the major aspects of the day.  With the Sun intersecting Neptune’s vibe, it’s important that we strive for clarity and not believe everything we hear.  We shouldn’t even necessarily trust our own judgment!  We are extremely sensitive to artistic and creative currents, but that doesn’t mean our visions for the future are accurate.   We may be overly sentimental or confused.  Be careful.

You’ll get some support from a nice aspect between Mercury in practical Taurus and Pluto in serious Capricorn.  Really this is the other end of the spectrum from Sun/Neptune and you’ll have to avoid being too stodgy or results oriented. 

So overly sentimental and confused followed by too stodgy and results oriented – Yikes!

A little later Venus in Gemini faces Uranus in Pisces.  Venus and Uranus together can be overexcited by social contacts or make you yearn for the unconventional.  This pair can make you (or your staff) reckless in your professional relationships and prone to speak before you understand the consequences.  This aspect can indicate sudden separations or sudden reversals in fortune.  The best use of this energy?  If you focus on originality, creativity, artistic ability, and breakthroughs you’ll manage the energy.

At the end of the day, Venus leaves Gemini and enters Cancer for about a month, until June 15.  Venus in Cancer is very different from Venus in Gemini.  Venus represents our social instincts, our professional relationships, creativity, and financial strength and backing.  In Gemini, we were probably attracted to diversity, excitement, and change in our relationships.  In Cancer, we yearn for more true bonding and our employees and customers will want to be regarded as family or at least as members of our tribe.  Even our colleagues may want more mothering than partnering.

We’re also very interested in financial security when Venus is in Cancer, the kind that can tide us over if we hit a rough patch.  Any chance of increasing your savings or opening that IRA?

Have a great day!

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